Italian movie actors born in the year 1985

Here are 11 famous actors from Italy were born in 1985:

Gregory Raposo

Gregory Raposo (May 3, 1985 Manhasset-) also known as Gregory Frank Raposo, G-Rap, Santana, Posty, Greggy, Greg Raposo or Gregory Frank "Greg" Raposo is an Italian singer and actor.

Tommaso Matelli

Tommaso Matelli (November 21, 1985 Como-) is an Italian actor and film producer.

Mehdi Mahdloo

Mehdi Mahdloo (September 11, 1985 Rome-) is an Italian actor and model.

Haider Rashid

Haider Rashid (May 23, 1985 Fiesole-) is an Italian film director, film producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, film editor and actor.

Domenico Diele

Domenico Diele (July 25, 1985 Siena-) is an Italian actor.

Piero Cardano

Piero Cardano (April 30, 1985 Turin-) is an Italian actor.

Gianfranco Terrin

Gianfranco Terrin (May 16, 1985 Pozzuoli-) is an Italian actor.

Alessandro Marverti

Alessandro Marverti (October 13, 1985 Rome-) is an Italian actor.

Marco Velluti

Marco Velluti (April 9, 1985 Rome-) is an Italian actor.

Marco Rossetti

Marco Rossetti (September 8, 1985 Rome-) also known as Marco Rossetti is an Italian actor.

Emanuele Bosi

Emanuele Bosi (April 15, 1985 Rome-) is an Italian actor.

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