Italian movie actresses born in the year 1986

Here are 7 famous actresses from Italy were born in 1986:

Alessandra Mastronardi

Alessandra Mastronardi (February 18, 1986 Naples-) is an Italian actor.

Tea Falco

Tea Falco (August 11, 1986 Catania-) is an Italian actor and photographer.

Letizia Ciampa

Letizia Ciampa (August 20, 1986 Rome-) is an Italian voice actor and actor.

Giulia Verdone

Giulia Verdone (January 21, 1986 Rome-) is an Italian actor.

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo (February 28, 1986 Greenwich-) also known as Olivia Toledo Palermo is an Italian model, socialite and actor.

Mimosa Campironi

Mimosa Campironi (October 21, 1986 Pavia-) is an Italian actor.

Lucia Bellini

Lucia Bellini (July 29, 1986 Viareggio-) also known as Lu is an Italian film producer, actor, film editor and film director.

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