Italian musicians died when they were 42

Here are 4 famous musicians from Italy died at 42:

Carlo Alberto Biggini

Carlo Alberto Biggini (December 9, 1902 Sarzana-November 19, 1945) was an Italian lawyer.

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Franciabigio (April 5, 1482 Florence-January 24, 1525 Florence) was an Italian personality.

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Bartolomeo Manfredi

Bartolomeo Manfredi (April 5, 1580 Mantua-December 12, 1622 Rome) was an Italian painter, artist and visual artist.

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Gianluca Signorini

Gianluca Signorini (March 17, 1960 Pisa-November 6, 2002 Pisa) was an Italian personality. He had one child, Andrea Signorini.

He died as a result of motor neuron disease.

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