Italian musicians died when they were 80

Here are 17 famous musicians from Italy died at 80:

Claudio Abbado

Claudio Abbado (June 26, 1933 Milan-January 20, 2014 Bologna) a.k.a. Abbado, Claudio was an Italian conductor, composer and music director. He had two children, Misha Abbado and Daniele Abbado.

His albums include The Berlin Album, Symphony No. 6, Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto in D major / Sibelius: Violin Concerto in D minor, Prokofieff: Klavierkonzert Nr. 3 C-Dur / Ravel: Klavierkonzert G-Dur, Symphony No. 4 / Romeo and Juliet, Symphonies Nos. 2 & 4 (Claudio Abbado), Symphonie no. 1 / Symphonie no. 10 - Adagio, Stravinsky: Ballets, Pictures at an Exhibition / Night on Bald Mountain / Sennacherib / Salammbô / Oedipus / Joshua and Pierre et le loup / Symphonie classique. Genres he performed include Opera and Classical music.

He died caused by disease.

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Vito Volterra

Vito Volterra (May 3, 1860 Ancona-October 11, 1940 Rome) was an Italian physicist and mathematician.

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Francesco Guardi

Francesco Guardi (October 5, 1712 Venice-January 1, 1793) was an Italian personality.

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Federico Sclopis

Federico Sclopis (January 10, 1798 Italy-March 8, 1878) was an Italian judge and politician.

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Bruno Pontecorvo

Bruno Pontecorvo (August 22, 1913 Marina di Pisa-September 24, 1993 Dubna) also known as Bruno Maksimovich Pontekorvo or Бру́но Макси́мович Понтеко́рво was an Italian physicist.

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Giuseppe De Santis

Giuseppe De Santis (February 11, 1917 Fondi-May 16, 1997 Rome) also known as Giuseppe De Sanctis, Gino de Sanctis or Joe de Santis was an Italian film director, screenwriter, actor and writer. He had one child, Luisa De Santis.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Andrea Bonomi

Andrea Bonomi (February 14, 1923 Cassano d'Adda-November 26, 2003 Cassano d'Adda) was an Italian personality.

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Mary Rotolo

Mary Rotolo (January 28, 1910 United States of America-September 27, 1990) was an Italian writer and journalist.

She died in lung cancer.

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Giambattista Pittoni

Giambattista Pittoni (June 6, 1687 Venice-November 6, 1767 Venice) was an Italian painter.

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Pietro di Donato

Pietro di Donato (April 3, 1911 West Hoboken-January 19, 1992 Stony Brook) was an Italian novelist, bricklayer and journalist.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Carlo Alonza

Carlo Alonza (April 5, 1881-April 5, 1961) also known as Dr. Carlo Alonza was an Italian physician.

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Marie Equi

Marie Equi (April 7, 1872 New Bedford-July 13, 1952 Portland) otherwise known as Dr. Marie Equi was an Italian physician.

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Oliviero De Fabritiis

Oliviero De Fabritiis (June 13, 1902 Rome-August 12, 1982) was an Italian composer and conductor.

His most important albums: , The Greatest Years of Maria Callas - Giuseppe Verdi: Aida and Madama Butterfly - Disc 2, Rome Opera House 1957.

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Demofilo Fidani

Demofilo Fidani (February 8, 1914 Rome-March 1, 1994 Rome) also known as Slim Alone, Nedo De Fida, Danilo Dani, Miles Deem, Lucky Dickinson, Nedo Fidano, Demos Filos, Dennis Ford, Demos Philos, Dick Spitfire, Sean O'Neal or Ed Wood of Spaghetti Western was an Italian film director, screenwriter, set decorator, production designer, film producer, actor and painter. He had one child, Simonetta Vitelli.

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Rocco Petrone

Rocco Petrone (March 31, 1926 Amsterdam-August 24, 2006 Palos Verdes Estates) was an Italian personality.

He died in diabetes mellitus.

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Mario Pizziolo

Mario Pizziolo (December 7, 1909 Castellammare di Stabia-April 30, 1990 Florence) was an Italian personality.

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Riccardo Pazzaglia

Riccardo Pazzaglia (September 12, 1926 Naples-October 4, 2006 Rome) was an Italian screenwriter, actor and film director. He had one child, Massimiliano Pazzaglia.

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