Mexican actors who were born in 1944

Here are 5 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1944:

Carlos Villagrán

Carlos Villagrán (January 12, 1944 Mexico City-) also known as Carlos Villagran, Carlos Villagrán Eslava, Carlos Villagrán 'Pirolo' or Pirolo is a Mexican journalist and actor. His children are called Vanessa Villagrán, Edson Villagrán, Gustavo Villagrán, Paulo Villagrán, Sylvia Villagrán and Samantha Villagrán.

Édgar Vivar

Édgar Vivar (December 28, 1944 Mexico City-) otherwise known as Dr. Edgar Vivar is a Mexican actor.

José Agustín

José Agustín (August 19, 1944 Acapulco-) also known as Jose Agustin or José Agustín Ramírez Gómez is a Mexican novelist, screenwriter and actor.

Alejandro Aura

Alejandro Aura (March 2, 1944 Mexico City-July 30, 2008 Madrid) was a Mexican writer, essayist, poet, actor and playwright. He had four children, Cecilia Aura Cross, Pablo Aura, Juan Aura and María Aura.

Drew Michaels

Drew Michaels (January 9, 1944 Puebla-December 11, 2000 San Antonio) was a Mexican actor.

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