Norwegian musicians died at 62

Here are 13 famous musicians from Norway died at 62:

Jørgen Alexander Knudtzon

Jørgen Alexander Knudtzon (September 9, 1854-January 7, 1917) was a Norwegian scientist.

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Inge Thun

Inge Thun (June 17, 1945 Drammen-February 15, 2008 Drammen) was a Norwegian personality.

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Roald Larsen

Roald Larsen (February 1, 1897 Oslo-July 28, 1959 Oslo) was a Norwegian speed skater.

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Jørgen Aall

Jørgen Aall (February 22, 1771-April 7, 1833) was a Norwegian merchant and ship-owner.

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Hans Eleonardus Møller

Hans Eleonardus Møller (November 8, 1804-September 12, 1867) was a Norwegian merchant, ship-owner and insurance broker.

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Olav Duun

Olav Duun (November 21, 1876 Jøa-September 13, 1939 Holmestrand) was a Norwegian writer and novelist.

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Arvid Nilssen

Arvid Nilssen (December 25, 1913 Alvdal-March 24, 1976 Norway) was a Norwegian actor.

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Adolph Tidemand

Adolph Tidemand (August 14, 1814 Mandal, Norway-August 25, 1876 Oslo) was a Norwegian personality.

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Claes Gill

Claes Gill (October 13, 1910 Odda-June 11, 1973 Norway) also known as Gill, Claes or Claes Daniel Gill was a Norwegian actor.

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Eva Norvind

Eva Norvind (May 7, 1944 Trondheim-May 14, 2006) also known as Ava Taurel or Eva Johanne Chegodayeva Sakonskaya was a Norwegian journalist, actor, film producer, film director and dominatrix. She had one child, Nailea Norvind.

She died in drowning.

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Trygve Wettre

Trygve Wettre (January 13, 1874 Oslo-August 10, 1936) was a Norwegian businessperson.

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Bjørn Aamodt

Bjørn Aamodt (February 24, 1944 Bærum-April 29, 2006 Oslo) was a Norwegian poet and sailor.

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Torleif Torkildsen

Torleif Torkildsen (May 12, 1882-October 14, 1944) was a Norwegian personality.

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