Pakistani actresses who died before turning 18

Here are 7 famous actresses from Pakistan died before 18:


Saloni was a Pakistani actor.

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Asha Posley

Asha Posley (April 5, 2015-March 25, 1998 Lahore) also known as Asha or Asha Poslay was a Pakistani actor.

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Reshma (April 5, 2015 Bikaner-November 3, 2013 Lahore) also known as Reshman was a Pakistani singer and actor. Her children are Khadija Reshma and Umayr Reshma.

She died as a result of laryngeal cancer.

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Aasia (April 5, 2015 Patiala-March 9, 2013 Canada) also known as Asiya, Aasia Begum or Firdous was a Pakistani actor.

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Salma Mumtaz

Salma Mumtaz (April 5, 2015 Jalandhar-January 21, 2012 Lahore) was a Pakistani actor, dancer, film director and film producer. She had one child, Nida Mumtaz.

She died as a result of complications of diabetes mellitus.

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Uma Anand

Uma Anand (April 5, 2015 Lahore-November 13, 2009) was a Pakistani journalist, actor, broadcaster and writer. She had two children, Ketan Anand and Vivek Anand.

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Tamanna (April 5, 2015-February 20, 2012 Karachi) also known as Tamanna Begum was a Pakistani actor and radio personality.

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