Pakistani music stars who deceased at age 60

Here are 4 famous musicians from Pakistan died at 60:

Muhammad Khan Junejo

Muhammad Khan Junejo (August 18, 1932 Sindhri-March 16, 1993 Islamabad) was a Pakistani politician.

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Patras Bokhari

Patras Bokhari (October 1, 1898 Peshawar-December 5, 1958 New York) was a Pakistani diplomat and writer.

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Moin Akhter

Moin Akhter (December 24, 1950 Karachi-April 22, 2011) also known as Moin Akhtar was a Pakistani writer, singer, comedian and actor.

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Khalil Ahmed

Khalil Ahmed (November 3, 1936 Agra-July 22, 1997 Lahore) was a Pakistani composer and music director.

Genres: Film score.

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