Russian actors who were born in 1925

Here are 10 famous actors from Russia were born in 1925:

Pyotr Todorovsky

Pyotr Todorovsky (August 26, 1925 Bobrynets-May 24, 2013 Moscow) otherwise known as P. Todorovskiy, Pyotr Yefimovich Todorovsky, Пётр Ефи́мович Тодоро́вский, Pyotr Todorovskiy or P. Todoroskiy was a Russian screenwriter, film director, cinematographer, actor and film score composer. He had one child, Valery Todorovsky.

Kirill Lavrov

Kirill Lavrov (September 15, 1925 Saint Petersburg-April 27, 2007 Saint Petersburg) also known as K. Lavrov, Kirill Yuryevich Lavrov, Kira or Kirill Yurevich Lavrov was a Russian actor. He had two children, Mariya Lavrova and Sergey Lavrov.

Innokenty Smoktunovsky

Innokenty Smoktunovsky (March 28, 1925 Shegarsky District-August 3, 1994 Moscow) also known as Innokentiy Mikhailovich Smoktunovsky, Smoktunovich, I. Smoktunovskiy, Innochentij Smoktunovskj, I. Smoktunovsky, Innokenti Mikhailovich Smoktunovsky, Innokenti Smoktunovsky, "king of Soviet actors", Innokenty Smoktunovich, I.Smoktunovskiy, Innokentiy Mikhaylovich Smoktunovich, Innokenty Mikhailovich Smoktunovich or Innokentiy Smoktunovskiy was a Russian screenwriter, voice actor and actor. His children are called Nadezhda Smoktunovskaya, Filipp Smoktunovsky and Maria Smoktunovskaya.

Boris Novikov

Boris Novikov (July 13, 1925 Ryazhsk-July 25, 1997 Moscow) otherwise known as Boris Kuzmich Novikov or B. Novikov was a Russian voice actor and actor.

Nikolai Prokopovich

Nikolai Prokopovich (November 4, 1925 Tula-February 24, 2005 Moscow) a.k.a. N. Prokopovich or Nikolai Konstantinovich Prokopovich was a Russian actor.

Viktor Uralsky

Viktor Uralsky (June 26, 1925 Moscow-March 16, 2009 Moscow) also known as Victor Uralsky, Viktor Vladimirovich Uralsky, Viktor Uralskij, V. Uralsky or Viktor Uralskiy was a Russian actor. He had one child, Irina Uralskaya.

Sergei Yakovlev

Sergei Yakovlev (August 4, 1925 Kurgan, Kurgan Oblast-January 1, 1996 Moscow) also known as Sergei Sergeyevich Yakovlev, Sergey Yakovlev, S. Yakovlev or Sergei A. Yakovlev was a Russian actor. He had four children, Lyubov Fomina, Ingrida Yakovleva, Aleksandr Yakovlev and Anton Yakovlev.

Aleksei Vanin

Aleksei Vanin (January 9, 1925 Rebrikhinsky District-May 22, 2012 Moscow) a.k.a. Aleksei Zakharovich Vanin, A. Vanin, Alexey Vanin or Aleksey Vanin was a Russian actor.

Vadim Vilsky

Vadim Vilsky (August 24, 1925 Chișinău-November 17, 2001 Moscow) also known as V. Vilsky or Vadim Konstantinovich Vilsky was a Russian actor.

Gleb Plaksin

Gleb Plaksin (August 16, 1925 Lyon-November 21, 2008 Moscow) also known as Gleb Vasilyevich Plaksin, G. Plaksin or Gleb Plaxin was a Russian actor.

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