South Korean movie actors born in the year 1943

Here are 6 famous actors from South Korea were born in 1943:

Kim Tai-chung

Kim Tai-chung (February 12, 1943 South Korea-August 27, 2011 Seoul) also known as Tae-Jung Kim, Kim Tae-Jeong, Lung Tong, Tong Lung, Tae-jeong Kim, Kim Tai-jong, Kim Tai Chong, Kim Tai Jong, Tai Chung Kim, Gim Tae-jeong, Kim T'aejŏng or Kim, Tae-Jung was a South Korean martial artist, businessperson and actor.

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Kim Mu-saeng

Kim Mu-saeng (March 16, 1943 Seosan-April 16, 2005) was a South Korean actor. He had one child, Kim Joo-hyuk.

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Joo Hyun

Joo Hyun (March 1, 1943 North Hamgyong Province-) also known as Joo Il Choon, Hyeon Ju, Il-choon Joo, Chu Il-ch'un, Chu Hyŏn, Ju Il-chun, Joo Il-choon, Ju Hyeon or Joo Hyeon is a South Korean actor.

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Soon-Tek Oh

Soon-Tek Oh (June 29, 1943 Mokpo-) also known as Soon-Teck OH, Soon Taik Oh, Soon Teck Oh, Soon-Taik Oh, Soon Tech-Oh, Soon Teck-Oh, Soon Tek-Oh, O Sun-Taek or O Sun-T'aek is a South Korean actor and voice actor.

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Randall Duk Kim

Randall Duk Kim (September 24, 1943-) also known as Randall Kim, Randy Kim, Gim Deokmun or Kim Tŏk-mun is a South Korean actor and voice actor.

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Yoon Mun-sik

Yoon Mun-sik (January 18, 1943 Seosan-) also known as Yun Mun-sik, Yoon Moon-Sik, Moo-sik Yun, Yoon Moonsik, Moon-sik Yoon or Yun Moon-Sik is a South Korean actor. He has two children, Yoon Eul-jeong and Yoon Seong-gwon.

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