South Korean musicians born in the year 1977

Here are 15 famous musicians from South Korea were born in 1977:

Chae Jung-an

Chae Jung-an (September 9, 1977 Busan-) also known as Jung-ahn Jang, Jeong-an Chae, Jang Jung-an, Chang Chǒngan, Ch'ae Chǒngan, Chae Jeong-an, Chae Jung An, Jang Jeong-an or Chae Jung Ahn is a South Korean singer and actor.

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J (May 2, 1977-) also known as 제이 or 정재영 is a South Korean singer and singer-songwriter.

Her albums include Beautiful Ones, The Crush of Love, Dim The Lights and . Genres she performed: Pop music, Rhythm and blues, Soul music and K-pop.

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So Ji-sub

So Ji-sub (November 4, 1977 Incheon-) also known as Ji-Sub So, Soh Ji Seop, Soh Ji-sup, So Ji-seob, So Chisŏp, Ji-seob So, G, G-Sonic, Ji Sup So, Jisobu So, Jisub So, Zhi-xie Su or So Ji-Sub is a South Korean actor and rapper.

His albums include , , , Pick Up Line, , , and 18 Years.

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Kim Hyun-joo

Kim Hyun-joo (April 24, 1977 Ilsan-gu-) a.k.a. Gum Yin Ju, Ju-hyun Kim, Gim Hyeon-ju, Kim Hyŏn-ju, Hyun-joo Kim, Kam Yin-Chu or Kim Hyun-ju is a South Korean actor and model.

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Won Bin

Won Bin (November 10, 1977 Jeongseon County-) also known as Do Jin Kim, Bin Won, Kim Do-jin, Kim Do Jin, Wonbin, Wŏn Pin, Gim Do-jin or Kim To-jin is a South Korean actor and model.

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Soo Bae

Soo Bae (April 1, 1977 Seoul-) is a South Korean , .

Her discography includes: 12 Caprices for Cello / Caprice on a Theme From Pacini's Niobe.

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Kim Hee-sun

Kim Hee-sun (June 11, 1977 Seoul-) also known as Kim Hee-seon, Hee-seon Kim, Hee-sun Kim, Gim Hui-seon, Kim Hŭi-sŏn, Kim Hee Seon, Kim Hui Seon, Hee Sun Kim, Kim Heesun or Kim, Hee-sun is a South Korean actor. Her child is called Park Yeon-ah.

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Park Yong-Ha

Park Yong-Ha (August 12, 1977 Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul-June 30, 2010 Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul) also known as パク·ヨンハ, 朴龙河, Park Yong Ha, 朴龍河, Park Yong-ha, Yong-ha Park, Bak Yong-ha, Pak Yongha or Park Yon ha was a South Korean singer, actor and dancer.

Discography: 期別 and All In. Genres he performed include K-pop, J-pop and Pop music.

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Jo Sungmo

Jo Sungmo (February 28, 1977 Seoul-) also known as Jo Sung Mo or Jo, Sung Mo is a South Korean singer.

His albums: To Heaven, Let Me Love and . Genres: Ballad.

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Defconn (January 6, 1977-) also known as 데프콘 or 유대준 is a South Korean presenter, composer, master of ceremonies, singer, rapper and actor.

Discography: Change The Game [digital Single], , , The Rage Theater and Macho Museum. Genres: Hip hop music and K-pop.

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Psy (December 31, 1977 Gangnam District-) also known as Park Jae-sang, Jae-sang Park, PSY, Bak Jae-Sang, Pak Chaesang, Ssayi or Ssai is a South Korean singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, choreographer, rapper, tv personality, singer, songwriter and actor.

His albums include Ssa2, PSY from the Psycho World, We Are The One [digital Single], Psyfive, 3 Mi, Remake & Mix 18 Beon, 2006 All Night Stand Live, PSY's Best 6th Part 2, Gangnam Style and Psy 6 (Six Rules), Part 1. Genres: K-pop, Hip hop music, Synthpop, Dance-pop, Hip house and Dance music.

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Gil Seong-joon

Gil Seong-joon (December 24, 1977 Seoul-) also known as Gil Seong-jun, Gil, 길, Kill or Kil Sŏng-jun is a South Korean comedian, singer and record producer.

Genres related to him: Hip hop music.

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Kim Jin-pyo

Kim Jin-pyo (August 13, 1977 South Korea-) also known as Jin Pyo Kim, Kim, Jin-Pyo, Kim, Jin Pyo, Kim jin-pyo, JP or Kim Jin Pyo is a South Korean singer and presenter. He has two children, Kim Min-Geon and Kim Ku-won.

His albums include , 5 Break-Up Stories and . Genres he performed include K-pop.

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Lexy (May 3, 1977-) a.k.a. 렉시 or Hwang Hyo-Sook is a South Korean singer and rapper.

Her most well known albums: Lexury. Genres she performed include Rhythm and blues and Hip hop music.

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Chae Ri-na

Chae Ri-na (February 3, 1977 South Korea-) is a South Korean singer.

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