Spanish movie actors born in the year 1905

Here are 6 famous actors from Spain were born in 1905:

Manolo Moran

Manolo Moran (December 30, 1905 Madrid-April 27, 1967 Sant Joan d'Alacant) a.k.a. Manuel Morán León, Manolo Morán, Manuel Moran, Manuel Morán or Manolo Morano was a Spanish actor.

Guillermo Marín

Guillermo Marín (August 12, 1905 Madrid-May 21, 1988 Madrid) also known as Guillermo Marín Cayre or William Marin was a Spanish actor. He had one child, Fernando Marin.

Manuel Dicenta

Manuel Dicenta (May 20, 1905 Madrid-November 20, 1974 Madrid) also known as Manuel Dicenta Boadillo was a Spanish actor. He had two children, Daniel Dicenta and Jacobo Dicenta.

Antonio Prieto Puerto

Antonio Prieto Puerto (February 2, 1905 Aspe-November 5, 1965) a.k.a. Antonio Prieto was a Spanish actor.

Andrés Mejuto

Andrés Mejuto (January 30, 1905 Olivenza-February 22, 1991 Madrid) also known as Andres Mejuto was a Spanish actor.

Angel Garasa

Angel Garasa (December 12, 1905 Madrid-August 27, 1976 Mexico City) also known as Ángel Garasa, Ángel Garasa Bergés, Don Angel Garasa or Ángel Garaza was a Spanish actor.

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