Spanish movie actors born in the year 1938

Here are 6 famous actors from Spain were born in 1938:

Jordi Dauder

Jordi Dauder (March 5, 1938 Badalona-September 16, 2011 Madrid) a.k.a. Jordi Dauder i Guardiola was a Spanish actor.

Gumersindo Andrés

Gumersindo Andrés (March 26, 1938 Cartagena, Spain-) also known as Gumersindo Andrés López, Gumer Andrés, Gumersindo Andres Lopez, Gumersindo Andrés Lopez, Gumersindo A. López, Gumersindo Andres, Gomer Andres, G. Andrés or Gumersindo A. Lopez is a Spanish costume designer, set decorator, production designer, actor and film art director.

Julián Mateos

Julián Mateos (January 15, 1938 Robledillo de Trujillo-December 27, 1996 Madrid) also known as Julian Mateos was a Spanish actor and film producer.

Joaquín Blanco

Joaquín Blanco (June 21, 1938 Almería-February 28, 2011 Barcelona) also known as J. White or John Russell was a Spanish actor.

Víctor Valverde

Víctor Valverde (March 23, 1938 Mataró-) also known as Carmel Valverde Mellado, Carmelo Valverde or Victor Valverde is a Spanish actor.

Antonio D. Olano

Antonio D. Olano (May 25, 1938 Vilalba-December 29, 2012 Madrid) otherwise known as Antonio Domínguez Olano was a Spanish actor.

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