Spanish musicians born in the year 1976

Here are 10 famous musicians from Spain were born in 1976:

Paz Vega

Paz Vega (January 2, 1976 Seville-) also known as Paz Campos Trigo is a Spanish actor and musician. She has three children, Orson Salazar Jr., Ava Salazar and Lenon Salazar.

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David de María

David de María (January 20, 1976 Jerez de la Frontera-) also known as David Demaria, David de Maria, DeMaría, David or David de María is a Spanish singer.

His albums: Sin miedo a perder, Soñar Despierto, Caminos de ida y vuelta, El color del destino, Barcos de papel, , , and Cuando el río suena. Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Edward Aguilera

Edward Aguilera (December 17, 1976-) is a Spanish singer.

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Amaia Montero

Amaia Montero (August 26, 1976 Irun-) also known as Montero, Amaia or Amaia Montero Saldías is a Spanish singer, songwriter and record producer.

Her most recognized albums: Amaia Montero, 2, , and . Genres: Pop music.

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Álvaro Benito

Álvaro Benito (December 10, 1976 Salamanca-) is a Spanish football player, musician, composer, singer and actor.

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Lluvia Rojo

Lluvia Rojo (November 6, 1976 Madrid-) a.k.a. Lluvia Rojo Moro is a Spanish actor and singer.

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Susana Seivane

Susana Seivane (August 25, 1976 Barcelona-) otherwise known as Seivane, Susana is a Spanish , .

Her discography includes: Mares de tempo, Os soños que volven, Susana Seivane and Alma de buxo.

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Fernando Velázquez

Fernando Velázquez (November 22, 1976 Bilbao-) a.k.a. Fernando Velazquez is a Spanish composer, film score composer and musician.

His albums: Garbo: The Spy, , Mama, Lo imposible, El Orfanato, The Last Days, , The Orphanage, and The Adventurer: The Curse Of The Midas Box. Genres: Film score.

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Cristo Barrios

Cristo Barrios (May 30, 1976 Tenerife-) is a Spanish , .

Genres he performed: Classical music.

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Luis Ramiro

Luis Ramiro (April 23, 1976 San Cristóbal de los Ángeles-) is a Spanish singer-songwriter.

His albums: and Dramas y Caballeros. Genres he performed: Reggae, Rumba, Rock music, Pop music, Blues and Country.

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