Swedish actors who were born in 1929

Here are 11 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1929:

Max von Sydow

Max von Sydow (April 10, 1929 Lund-) otherwise known as Max Carl Adolf von Sydow, Max Von Sydow, Carl Adolf von Sydow or Carl Adolf "Max" von Sydow is a Swedish actor, voice actor, film director and musician. He has four children, Henrik von Sydow, Clas S. von Sydow, Yvan von Sydow and Cedric von Sydow.

Lennart Johansson

Lennart Johansson (November 5, 1929 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor.

Ulf G. Johnsson

Ulf G. Johnsson (November 3, 1929 Stockholm-) also known as Ulf Gudmar Johnsson is a Swedish actor and composer.

Per Lindquist

Per Lindquist (February 13, 1929 Stockholm-August 29, 2002 Solna Municipality) a.k.a. Per Arne Lindquist was a Swedish actor and singer.

Björn Bjelfvenstam

Björn Bjelfvenstam (February 19, 1929 Uppsala-) otherwise known as Björn Erik Bjelfvenstam or Björn Bjelvenstam is a Swedish actor.

Ivar Dahlbom

Ivar Dahlbom (May 19, 1929 Södermalm-) is a Swedish actor.

Hans Hellberg

Hans Hellberg (December 26, 1929 Stockholm-February 17, 2011) was a Swedish actor.

Åke Lagergren

Åke Lagergren (November 18, 1929 Vingåker Municipality-July 7, 1999 Lidingö) was a Swedish actor.

Göran O. Eriksson

Göran O. Eriksson (March 7, 1929 Falun-April 4, 1993 Stockholm) also known as Göran Eriksson was a Swedish writer and actor.

Göte Fyhring

Göte Fyhring (March 7, 1929 Malmö Municipality-) also known as Göthe Fyhring is a Swedish actor.

Ulf Linde

Ulf Linde (April 15, 1929 Stockholm-October 12, 2013 Danderyd Municipality) also known as Ulf Harald Linde was a Swedish actor and composer.

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