Swedish actors who were born in 1938

Here are 16 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1938:

Carl Johan De Geer

Carl Johan De Geer (July 13, 1938 Montreal-) also known as Carl Johan Louis De Geer af Finspång is a Swedish writer, actor, musician, film director, artist, screenwriter, cinematographer, production designer, film art director, film editor, visual artist and music artist.

Jonas Cornell

Jonas Cornell (November 8, 1938 Stockholm-) otherwise known as Bengt Henrik Jonas Cornell is a Swedish film producer, actor, screenwriter, television director and film director.

Helge Skoog

Helge Skoog (August 6, 1938 Borås-) also known as Helge Olof Skoog is a Swedish actor. He has two children, Mårten Skoog and Martha Skoog.

Sten Ljunggren

Sten Ljunggren (October 16, 1938 Stockholm-) also known as Sten Ljungren or Sten Ivar Ljunggren is a Swedish actor. He has three children, Maria Ljunggren, Petter Ljunggren and Matti Ljunggren.

Lennart Hjulström

Lennart Hjulström (July 18, 1938 Karlstad-) a.k.a. Lennart Hjulstrom, Lennart Hjulstrøm or Lennart Hjalmar Hjulström is a Swedish actor and film director. He has three children, Niklas Hjulström, Carin Hjulström and Hanna Nyroos.

Michael Mansson

Michael Mansson (June 27, 1938 Paris-March 24, 2011 Stockholm) otherwise known as Michael Manson was a Swedish actor.

Bo Holmström

Bo Holmström (October 18, 1938 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor, author and commentator.

Bo Jonsson

Bo Jonsson (December 15, 1938 Bromma-) also known as Bo Jonson is a Swedish film producer, screenwriter and actor.

Olle Nordlander

Olle Nordlander (June 1, 1938 Härnösand-) is a Swedish actor.

Carl-Johan Seth

Carl-Johan Seth (October 20, 1938 Reftele-) is a Swedish screenwriter, actor, film director and author.

Rolf Larsson

Rolf Larsson (March 7, 1938 Stockholm-June 29, 2001 Stockholm) was a Swedish actor.

Bo Högberg

Bo Högberg (December 18, 1938 Mollösund-November 8, 2005 Mölndal) was a Swedish professional boxer and actor. He had one child, Freddy.

Bo Johan Hultman

Bo Johan Hultman (December 28, 1938 Stockholm City Centre-December 27, 1983 Djursholm) was a Swedish actor.

Leif Sundberg

Leif Sundberg (October 31, 1938 Luleå-) is a Swedish actor, film director, educator and writer. He has one child, Ivan Monthan.

Ulf Berggren

Ulf Berggren (March 1, 1938-) is a Swedish actor.

Sam Stadener

Sam Stadener (December 9, 1938 Gothenburg-) also known as Nils Sam Richard Stadener is a Swedish actor.

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