Swedish music stars who deceased at age 58

Here are 12 famous musicians from Sweden died at 58:

Warner Oland

Warner Oland (October 3, 1879 Bjurholm Municipality-August 6, 1938 Stockholm) also known as Jack, Johan Verner Öhlund, Johan Verner Ölund or Johan Verner Olund was a Swedish actor.

He died as a result of pneumonia.

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Jane Gylling

Jane Gylling (April 6, 1902-March 10, 1961) was a Swedish swimmer.

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Hans Christian Jacobaeus

Hans Christian Jacobaeus (May 29, 1879-October 29, 1937) a.k.a. Dr. Hans Christian Jacobaeus was a Swedish physician.

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Charles De Geer

Charles De Geer (January 20, 1720 Finspång-March 7, 1778 Stockholm) was a Swedish entomologist and nobleman.

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Helge Ekroth

Helge Ekroth (February 26, 1892 Stallarholmen-November 29, 1950) was a Swedish personality.

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Folke Fleetwood

Folke Fleetwood (November 15, 1890-February 4, 1949) was a Swedish personality.

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Karl Fryksdal

Karl Fryksdal (June 22, 1885-April 9, 1944) was a Swedish personality.

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Nils Gabriel Sefström

Nils Gabriel Sefström (June 2, 1787 Ilsbo-November 30, 1845 Stockholm) otherwise known as Nils Gabriel Sefstrom was a Swedish chemist.

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Carl-Gustaf Rossby

Carl-Gustaf Rossby (December 28, 1898 Stockholm-August 19, 1957 Stockholm) was a Swedish personality.

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Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden

Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden (November 1, 1778 Stockholm Palace-February 7, 1837 St. Gallen) was a Swedish personality. He had three children, Princess Sophie of Sweden, Princess Cecilia of Sweden and Gustav, Prince of Vasa.

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Lars Fredrik Nilson

Lars Fredrik Nilson (May 27, 1840 Östergötland County-May 14, 1899 Stockholm) was a Swedish chemist and teacher.

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John, King of Denmark

John, King of Denmark (February 2, 1455 Aalborg-February 20, 1513 Aalborg) also known as Johan II av Sverige, John I, King of Denmark, Hans av Sverige, John II of Sweden, Hans of Sweden or John I of Denmark was a Swedish personality. His children are called Christian II of Denmark, Elizabeth of Denmark, Electress of Brandenburg, Jacob the Dacian and Francis of Denmark.

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