Swiss movie stars died at 79

Here are 4 famous actors from Switzerland died at 79:

Heinrich Gretler

Heinrich Gretler (October 1, 1897 Zürich-September 30, 1977 District 7) was a Swiss actor.

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Ivan Desny

Ivan Desny (December 28, 1922 Beijing-April 13, 2002 Ascona) also known as Yvan Desny, Ivan Nikolai Desnitskij, Juan Desny, Ivan Nikolai Desnitzky, Иван Десни or Ivan Gums was a Swiss actor.

He died in pneumonia.

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William Wyler

William Wyler (July 1, 1902 Mulhouse-July 27, 1981 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Wilhelm Weiller, Willy, 90-Take Willie, Willi Wyler, Lt Col William Wyler, Bill Wyler or 99-Take Willie was a Swiss film director, film producer, screenwriter and actor. He had five children, Judy Wyler, Melanie Ann Wyler, David Wyler, Catherine Wyler and William Wyler Jr..

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Grock (January 10, 1880 Loveresse-July 14, 1959 Imperia) also known as Adrian Wettach or Charles Adrien Wettach was a Swiss clown, composer, musician, writer and actor.

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