Turkish music stars died at age 74

Here are 8 famous musicians from Turkey died at 74:

Osman F. Seden

Osman F. Seden (March 22, 1924 Istanbul-September 1, 1998 Istanbul) was a Turkish film director, film producer and screenwriter.

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Demir Gökgöl

Demir Gökgöl (July 15, 1937 Istanbul-March 22, 2012 Hamburg) otherwise known as Demir Goekoel or Demir Gögköl was a Turkish actor.

He died caused by laryngeal cancer.

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Ahmet Fikri Tüzer

Ahmet Fikri Tüzer (April 5, 1868 Shumen-August 16, 1942 Ankara) was a Turkish politician.

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Hasan Saka

Hasan Saka (April 5, 1886 Trabzon-July 29, 1960 Istanbul) was a Turkish personality.

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Fevzi Çakmak

Fevzi Çakmak (January 12, 1876 Cihangir-April 10, 1950 Istanbul) also known as Fevzi Cakmak was a Turkish generalissimo.

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Turgut Özatay

Turgut Özatay (December 30, 1927 İzmir-June 26, 2002 Istanbul) also known as Turgut Ozatay was a Turkish actor.

He died in lung cancer.

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Arif Mardin

Arif Mardin (March 15, 1932 Istanbul-June 25, 2006 New York City) a.k.a. Afrid Mardin or Mardin, Arif was a Turkish music producer. His children are called Joe Mardin and Nazan Joffre Mardin.

His discography includes: All My Friends Are Here and Journey.

He died caused by pancreatic cancer.

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Seyid Riza

Seyid Riza (April 5, 1863 Tunceli-November 18, 1937 Elazığ) was a Turkish politician. He had one child, Leyla Polat.

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