American actresses died in Infection

Here are 1 famous actresses from United States of America died in Infection:

Marilyn Miller

Marilyn Miller (September 1, 1898 Evansville-April 7, 1936 New York City) also known as Mary Ellen Reynolds or Marilynn Miller was an American actor, singer and dancer.

She began her career as a chorus girl on Broadway before making her breakthrough as the lead in the hit musical "Sunny" in 1925. Miller became one of the most popular actresses of the 1920s, often called "the darling of Broadway." She was known for her effervescent personality, stunning beauty, and exceptional dance skills.

Miller's success on stage led her to Hollywood, where she starred in a series of successful films, including "Sally" and "Sunny." Her fame continued to grow throughout the 1920s and she became one of the highest-paid actresses in the industry.

Despite her success, Miller's personal life was filled with tragedy. She was married and divorced several times and struggled with addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. She died in 1936 at the young age of 37 from complications following a sinus surgery.

Despite her short life, Miller's legacy lives on. She is remembered as one of the greatest stars of the 1920s and helped pave the way for future actresses in both film and theater.

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