American musicians born in 1956

Here are 50 famous musicians from United States of America were born in 1956:

Dwight Yoakam

Dwight Yoakam (October 23, 1956 Pikeville-) also known as Dwight Yoaham, Dwight David Yoakam or Dwight Yokam is an American singer-songwriter, actor, film director, musician and entrepreneur.

His most recognized albums: Guitars Cadillacs Etc. Etc., Gone, Live From Austin, TX, A Long Way Home, Ain't That Lonely Yet, Best Of, Blame the Vain, Buenas Noches From a Lonely Room, Dwight's Used Records and Hillbilly Deluxe. Genres he performed include Country, Rockabilly and Country rock.

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Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani (July 15, 1956 Westbury-) also known as Joseph Satriani, Satch, ZZ Satriani or Satriani, ZZ is an American guitarist, songwriter, musician, composer, record producer, multi-instrumentalist and actor. He has one child, Zachariah Satriani.

His albums: Not of This Earth, Surfing With the Alien, Dreaming #11, Flying in a Blue Dream, The Extremist, Time Machine, The Beautiful Guitar, Joe Satriani, Crystal Planet and Engines of Creation. His related genres: Hard rock, Instrumental rock, Jazz fusion, Blues, Heavy metal, Neoclassical metal, Rock music, Surf music and Blues rock.

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Lee Ranaldo

Lee Ranaldo (February 3, 1956 Glen Cove-) also known as Ranaldo, Lee, Text of Light, Lee M. Ranaldo or Lee Mark Ranaldo is an American writer, record producer, singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, film score composer, actor, visual artist and poet. He has three children, Sage Ranaldo, Frey Ranaldo and Cody Ranaldo.

His albums include Broken Circle / Spiral Hill, Scriptures of the Golden Eternity, From Here to Infinity, East Jesus: Some Recordings: 1981-1991, A Perfect Day EP, Amarillo Ramp (For Robert Smithson), Clouds, Countless Centuries Fled into the Distance Like So Many Storms, Broken Circle / Spiral Hill EP and Maelstrom From Drift. Genres he performed: Alternative rock, No wave, Noise rock, Experimental rock and Art rock.

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David Mansfield

David Mansfield (September 13, 1956 Pittsburgh-) is an American guitarist, composer, musician, violinist and film score composer. He has two children, Maisie Mansfield and Lulu Mansfield.

Related albums: Year of the Dragon and Desperate Hours.

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La Toya Jackson

La Toya Jackson (May 29, 1956 Gary-) also known as LaToya Jackson, La Toya Yvonne Jackson, Toya, La Toya Dzhekson, La Toya, Toy-Toy, LaToya Yvonne Jackson or Toy is an American singer, model, songwriter, actor, author, musician, singer-songwriter, businessperson, tv personality and activist.

Her discography includes: Bad Girl, From Nashville to You, Heart Don't Lie, Imagination, La Toya Jackson, My Special Love, No Relations, Stop in the Name of Love, Starting Over and La Toya. Genres she performed include Dance-pop, Dance music, Contemporary R&B, Pop music and Rhythm and blues.

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Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads (December 6, 1956 Santa Monica-March 19, 1982 Leesburg) also known as Rhoads, Randy or Randall William Rhoads was an American musician, record producer, songwriter, guitarist and teacher.

Genres he performed: Hard rock, Heavy metal, Neoclassical metal and Glam metal.

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Chris Isaak

Chris Isaak (June 26, 1956 Stockton-) otherwise known as Chris Isaac, Chris Issak, Christopher Joseph Isaak, Isaak, Chris or Christopher Joseph "Chris" Isaak is an American actor, singer-songwriter, musician, singer and talk show host.

His albums include Silvertone, Chris Isaak, Heart Shaped World, Blue Hotel, San Francisco Days, Solitary Man, Dark Moon, Forever Blue, Somebody's Crying and Baja Sessions. Genres: Pop music, Rock music, Rockabilly, Surf rock, Roots rock, Surf music and Rock and roll.

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Vinnie Colaiuta

Vinnie Colaiuta (February 5, 1956 Brownsville-) a.k.a. Vinny Colaiuta or Colaiuta, Vinnie is an American drummer and musician.

His most recognized albums: Vinnie Colaiuta, Jing Chi, Live at the Baked Potato 2000, , and Living. His related genres: Funk, Jazz, Jazz fusion, Pop music, Rock music, Bebop, Post-bop, Thrash metal and Heavy metal.

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Warren Cuccurullo

Warren Cuccurullo (December 8, 1956 Brooklyn-) also known as Cuccurullo, Warren, Warren Bruce Cuccurullo, doubleyousee/ W.C. or Sophia Warren is an American , .

His albums: Thanks to Frank, Road Rage, The Blue, Machine Language and Playing in Tongues. Genres he performed include Alternative rock, Electronica, Synthpop, Electronic dance music, Experimental rock, Progressive rock, Ambient music and Electro-industrial.

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Jordan Rudess

Jordan Rudess (November 4, 1956 New York City-) a.k.a. Rudess, Jordan, Jordan Charles Rudes or The Keyboard Wizard is an American musician, songwriter, keyboard player and keytarist.

His albums include Feeding the Wheel, Rhythm of Time, 4NYC, Christmas Sky, Resonance, Secrets of the Muse, The Road Home, Listen, Arrival and Prime Cuts. Genres he performed: Instrumental rock, Jazz fusion, Progressive rock, New-age music, Progressive metal, Intelligent dance music, Electronic music, Avant-garde and Classical music.

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GG Allin

GG Allin (August 29, 1956 Lancaster-June 28, 1993 New York City) a.k.a. G.G. Allin or Allin, GG was an American singer, musician, singer-songwriter and actor.

His albums: You'll Never Tame Me, Suicidal Motherfucker (1987-1988), Rock 'n' Roll Terrorist, Aloha From Dallas, Freaks, Faggots, Drunks & Junkies, Public Animal #1, The Best of Suicide Sessions - Antisocial Personality Disorder Live, The Early Years (1976-1984), Dirty Love Songs and Doctrine of Mayhem. Genres he performed include Punk rock, Rock music, Spoken word, Country, Shock rock, Hardcore punk, Garage rock, Hard rock and Rock and roll.

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Exene Cervenka

Exene Cervenka (February 1, 1956 Chicago-) also known as Christine Cervenkova, Christene Cervenka, X, Cervenka, Christene Lee Cervenka, Exene or Exene Cervenková is an American singer, musician, actor, artist, songwriter, film score composer, writer and visual artist. Her child is Henry Mortensen.

Her albums include Old Wives' Tales, Running Sacred, Somewhere Gone and The Excitement Of Maybe. Genres: Folk music, Punk rock, Folk rock and Rock music.

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Suzy Bogguss

Suzy Bogguss (December 30, 1956 Aledo-) also known as Suzy Boguss, Suzy Boggus, Susie Bogus, Susie Boggus, Susie Bogguss, Suzy Bogus, Suzy Bogguss & Alison Krauss & Kathy Mattea & Crosby, Stills & Nash or Bogguss, Suzy is an American singer, singer-songwriter, musician and record producer.

Discography: Swing!, Greatest Hits, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Nobody Love, Nobody Gets Hurt, Suzy Bogguss, 20 Greatest Hits, Somewhere Between, Moment of Truth, Aces and Voices in the Wind. Genres related to her: Folk music and Country.

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Boyd Rice

Boyd Rice (December 16, 1956 Lemon Grove-) also known as NON, Rice, Boyd or Boyd Blake Rice is an American writer, author, composer, actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer and film editor.

His discography includes: Ragnarok Rune, The Way I Feel, Might!, Pagan Muzak, Children of the Black Sun, Solitude, Receive the Flame, God & Beast, In the Shadow of the Sword and Easy Listening for Iron Youth: The Best of NON. His related genres: Noise music, Industrial music, Experimental music, Drone music and Neofolk.

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Kermit Driscoll

Kermit Driscoll (March 4, 1956 United States of America-) a.k.a. Driscoll, Kermit is an American bassist.

His albums include Live.

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Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson (June 23, 1956 Baton Rouge-) also known as Randy D. Jackson, Randall Darius Jackson, Jackson, Randy, The Emperor or The Dawg is an American record producer, singer, musician, tv personality, bassist, a&r executive, music manager, television producer and actor. He has three children, Zoe Jackson, Taylor Jackson and Jordan Jackson.

Discography: Randy Jackson's Music Club, Vol. 1. His related genres: Rock music, Pop music, Hard rock, Dance-pop, Blues rock, Dance music, Contemporary R&B, Jazz, Jazz fusion and Hip hop music.

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Kenny G

Kenny G (June 5, 1956 Seattle-) also known as Kenny G., Kenneth Gorelick, Kenneth Bruce Gorelick or G Kenny is an American musician, songwriter, composer, record producer and saxophonist.

His discography includes: Duotones, Breathless, Miracles: The Holiday Album, Six of Hearts, Faith: A Holiday Album, Classics in the Key of G, The Essential Kenny G, Artist Collection, Auld Lang Syne and De Lux Collection. Genres he performed: Adult contemporary music and Smooth jazz.

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Amii Stewart

Amii Stewart (January 29, 1956 Washington, D.C.-) also known as Ami Stewart, Amy Stewart, Amii Steward, Amy Nicole Stewart, Stewart, Amii or Amil Stewart is an American singer.

Her albums include 17 Golden Hits, Knock on Wood & Paradise Bird, Light My Fire, Magic, Pearls: Amii Stewart Sings Ennio Morricone, The Hits and the Remixes, Lady to Ladies, Knock on Wood – The Best of Amii Stewart, Time for Fantasy and Amii. Genres she performed: Disco, Rhythm and blues, Soul music, Dance-pop and Contemporary R&B.

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Cindy Cashdollar

Cindy Cashdollar (May 25, 1956 United States of America-) a.k.a. Cashdollar, Cindy is an American guitarist and singer.

Her albums include Slide Show. Genres: Bluegrass and Western swing.

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Peter Buck

Peter Buck (December 6, 1956 Berkeley-) a.k.a. Buck, Peter, Peter Lawrence Buck, Peter Ernest Lawrence Buck, Buckland, R.E.M. or R.E.M is an American musician, record producer, songwriter and guitarist. He has two children, Zelda Buck and Zoe Buck.

His most important albums: Peter Buck and I Am Back to Blow Your Mind Once Again. Genres he performed: Alternative rock, College rock and Jangle pop.

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Dianne Reeves

Dianne Reeves (October 23, 1956 Detroit-) also known as Diane Reeves or Reeves, Dianne is an American singer, musician and jazz artist/singer.

Her albums include The Calling: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan, Good Night, and Good Luck., Christmas Time Is Here, Dianne Reeves, I Remember, Never Too Far, New Morning, Quiet After the Storm, That Day... and The Best of Dianne Reeves.

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Stephen Pearcy

Stephen Pearcy (July 3, 1956 San Diego-) also known as Steven Pearcy or Pearcy, Stephen is an American singer, musician and songwriter. He has one child, Jewel Pearcy.

His discography includes: Before and Laughter, Stripped, Fueler, D.O.A. Live 2000, Social Intercourse and Under My Skin. Genres: Glam metal, Heavy metal, Industrial music, Hard rock and Alternative metal.

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Doug Wimbish

Doug Wimbish (September 22, 1956 Hartford-) a.k.a. Wimbish, Doug is an American musician, bassist and songwriter.

His discography includes: CinemaSonics. Genres related to him: Alternative metal, Funk rock and Hip hop music.

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Greg Phillinganes

Greg Phillinganes (May 12, 1956 Detroit-) also known as Gregory Arthur Phillinganes, Phillinganes, Greg, グレゴリー・アーサー・フィリンゲインズ or Toto is an American keyboard player, keytarist, musician, songwriter and music director.

Discography: Pulse. Genres he performed: Pop rock and Progressive rock.

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Julee Cruise

Julee Cruise (December 1, 1956 Creston-) also known as Julie Cruise or Cruise, Julee is an American singer, songwriter and actor.

Her most important albums: Art of Being a Girl / Everybody Knows, Falling, Summer Kisses, Winter Tears, The Voice of Love, The Art of Being a Girl, Floating Into the Night, Rockin' Back Inside My Heart, My Secret Life and Peaks Mania EP. Genres: Dream pop.

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Michael Angelo Batio

Michael Angelo Batio (February 23, 1956 Chicago-) also known as Michael Angelo, micheal angelo - portugal or Batio, Michael Angelo is an American musician, record producer, songwriter and guitarist.

His discography includes: Hands Without Shadows, Planet Gemini, Live: The Crossings of Mackinaw, No Boundaries, Tradition, Gunnin' For Glory, Holiday Strings, Lucid Intervals and Moments of Clarity Part 2, 2 X Again and Hands Without Shadows 2 - Voices. Genres he performed include Heavy metal, Instrumental rock, Hard rock, Glam metal, Neoclassical metal, Progressive metal, Jazz, Progressive rock and Traditional heavy metal.

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Gavin Christopher

Gavin Christopher (May 3, 1956 Chicago-) also known as Christopher Gavin or Christopher, Gavin is an American record producer, songwriter and singer.

His albums include One Step Closer.

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Jack Sherman

Jack Sherman (January 18, 1956 Los Angeles-) is an American musician and guitarist.

He is best known for his work with the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sherman became a member of the band in 1983, and played guitar on their first album, "The Red Hot Chili Peppers." He also contributed to the writing of many of the album's songs. However, Sherman's tenure with the band was short-lived, as he was replaced by founding member Hillel Slovak on their second album. Later on, Sherman worked with other musicians and bands, including Bob Dylan, George Clinton, and Tonio K.

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Steve Coleman

Steve Coleman (September 20, 1956 Chicago-) a.k.a. Coleman, Steve is an American bandleader and composer.

His most recognized albums: Genesis, Rhythm in Mind, Phase Space, Quintessence, Sine Die, Drop Kick, The Sonic Language of Myth and Flashback On M-Base. His related genres: Jazz.

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Sandi Patty

Sandi Patty (July 12, 1956 Oklahoma City-) also known as Sandi Patti, Sandy Patty, Patty, Sandi or Sandi Patty is an American singer and voice actor.

Her albums: Another Time...Another Place, Artist of My Soul, Hymns of Faith... Songs of Inspiration, Le Voyage, Make His Praise Glorious, More Than Wonderful, Take Hold of Christ, The Finest Moments, These Days and Morning Like This. Genres: Contemporary Christian music and Christian music.

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Robert Earl Keen

Robert Earl Keen (January 11, 1956 Houston-) also known as Robert Earl Keen, Jr. or Keen, Robert Earl, Jr. is an American singer, songwriter, musician, singer-songwriter and actor.

His albums include Gringo Honeymoon, Walking Distance, Gravitational Forces, Farm Fresh Onions, A Bigger Piece of Sky, Live From Austin TX (2004), No Kinda Dancer, No. 2 LIVE Dinner, Picnic and The Live Album. Genres: Alternative country, Country, Country rock, Folk music, Americana and Outlaw country.

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Big Bank Hank

Big Bank Hank (January 11, 1956 New York City-November 11, 2014) also known as Henry Jackson was an American rapper.

Genres related to him: Hip hop music.

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Peter Holsapple

Peter Holsapple (February 19, 1956-) also known as Holsapple, Peter is an American songwriter and musician.

His albums: Out of My Way and Here and Now.

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Harold Levin

Harold Levin (March 13, 1956-) is an American , .

Harold Levin (March 13, 1956-) is an American journalist and author. He is best known for his extensive reporting on politics and the military. Levin has worked for several major news outlets, including The New York Times and CNN. He has covered a wide range of topics, from presidential elections to foreign wars. Levin has also published several books, including "The War Within: America's Battle over Vietnam" and "Religion in the News: Faith and Journalism in American Public Discourse". In addition to his journalism work, Levin has taught at several universities and served as a commentator on news programs.

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John Sex

John Sex (April 8, 1956 United States of America-October 24, 1990) was an American singer.

John Sex was known for his unique blend of punk rock and new wave music, often performing in provocative outfits and makeup. He first gained recognition in the late 1970s with his band, John Sex and The Bodily Fluids, before launching a solo career in the 1980s.

In 1982, John Sex released his debut album, "Hustle with My Muscle," which featured songs such as "Bump and Grind It" and "Rock Your Johnny." The album garnered some attention, particularly in New York's underground music scene. He followed up with the album "Sinister Shadows" in 1984 which received mixed reviews.

Throughout his career, John Sex also dabbled in acting, appearing in a handful of films such as "Vortex" and "Desperately Seeking Susan." Unfortunately, John Sex's career was cut short when he passed away in 1990 due to complications from AIDS. Despite his relatively short time in the music industry, he left behind a lasting impact on punk rock and new wave music.

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Steve Riley

Steve Riley (January 22, 1956 Revere-) is an American musician and drummer.

His related genres: Hard rock, Rock music and Heavy metal.

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Stepfanie Kramer

Stepfanie Kramer (August 6, 1956 Los Angeles-) also known as Stephanie Kramer is an American actor, writer and singer-songwriter. Her child is called Lily Richards.

Stepfanie Kramer is best known for her role as Detective Sgt. Dee Dee McCall in the hit television series "Hunter" which ran from 1984 to 1991. She has also appeared in numerous films and television shows including "The A-Team" and "T.J. Hooker". Kramer has also worked as a singer-songwriter and has released several albums throughout her career. In addition to her work in entertainment, Kramer is an advocate for animal welfare and has worked with various organizations to promote animal rights.

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Tony Garnier

Tony Garnier (August 18, 1956 Saint Paul-) otherwise known as Garnier, Tony is an American artist, musician, multi-instrumentalist and bassist.

Genres he performed: Blues, Country, Folk music, Rock music and Folk rock.

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Jeffrey Foskett

Jeffrey Foskett (February 17, 1956 Santa Clara County-) is an American singer and guitarist.

His albums: Stars in the Sand and Twelve and Twelve. Genres he performed: Surf music, Baroque pop, Rock music and Pop music.

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Mick Brown

Mick Brown (September 8, 1956 United States of America-) also known as Wild Brown or Wild is an American , .

His related genres: Hard rock, Heavy metal and Glam metal.

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Cynthia Rhodes

Cynthia Rhodes (November 21, 1956 Nashville-) otherwise known as Rhodes, Cynthia is an American singer, actor and dancer. She has three children, Brandon Marx, Lucas Marx and Jesse Marx.

Cynthia Rhodes began her career as a dancer in the 1980s, performing in music videos for artists such as Richard Marx and Toto. She also appeared in films such as "Flashdance" and "Staying Alive," where she showcased her dancing skills. Rhodes is perhaps best known for her role as Penny Johnson in the 1987 film "Dirty Dancing," where she played the lead character's dance instructor. In addition to her acting and dancing career, Rhodes also had a successful music career, releasing three albums in the 1980s. After retiring from show business in the 1990s, she focused on raising her children with her husband, musician Richard Marx.

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Jon Schwartz

Jon Schwartz (August 18, 1956 Chicago-) otherwise known as Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, Bermuda Schwartz, Bermuda, John 'Bermuda' Schwartz or Jon 'Bermuda' Schwartz is an American drummer, online producer and actor.

He is best known for being the drummer of "Weird Al" Yankovic's band since 1980 and has appeared on all of Yankovic's albums and tours. Schwartz has also worked as an audio engineer and co-producer on many of Yankovic's albums, as well as producing a number of comedy and novelty records for other artists. In addition to his music career, he has also had small acting roles in several of Yankovic's music videos and the films "UHF" and "Spy Hard". Schwartz is also active on social media and frequently shares behind-the-scenes photos and stories from his career.

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Danny Gans

Danny Gans (October 25, 1956 Los Angeles-May 1, 2009 Las Vegas) was an American singer, comedian and impressionist. He had three children, Andrew Gans, Amy Gans and Emily Gans.

Danny Gans became well-known for his live performances, which he often held in Las Vegas. He was known for his ability to mimic the mannerisms and voices of numerous celebrities, such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley, among others. He was referred to by many as the "Man of Many Voices" due to his impressive talent in imitating various celebrities.

Before becoming a successful entertainer, Gans initially pursued a career in professional baseball. However, he suffered an injury that forced him to quit the sport. He then began performing in clubs and as a warm-up act for various comedians before eventually landing a show in Las Vegas.

Throughout his career, Gans received numerous accolades and awards, including being named Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year eleven times. Unfortunately, in 2009, Gans passed away unexpectedly in his sleep at the age of 52. His legacy as a highly talented entertainer and impressionist continues to live on.

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Marin Alsop

Marin Alsop (October 16, 1956 New York City-) is an American conductor.

Her albums: Mahler: Symphony No. 1, Appalachian Spring / Short Symphony / 3 Latin American Sketches / Quiet City, Mark O'Connor's Americana Symphony, Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 / Lady in the Dark - Symphonic Nocturne, A Flock Descends Into the Pentagonal Garden, The Red Violin Concerto / Violin Sonata, Carmina Burana, Miraculous Mandarin (The Complete Ballet) / Dance Suite / Hungarian Pictures, Symphony No. 1 / Tragic Overture / Academic Festival Overture and Concerto for Orchestra / Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta.

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Bobby Z.

Bobby Z. (January 9, 1956-) otherwise known as Robert B. Rivkin, Bobby 'Z' Rivkin or Bobby Z is an American record producer and musician.

He is best known as the drummer for the iconic musician Prince and his backing band The Revolution for over a decade. Bobby Z. was part of the group during some of their most popular and groundbreaking albums such as Purple Rain, 1999, and Parade.

Apart from his work with The Revolution, Bobby Z. has also produced records for artists like Mazarati, Brenda Bennett, and Taja Sevelle. His production work has been critically acclaimed and has earned him several accolades in the music industry.

In addition to his musical legacy, Bobby Z. is also known for his philanthropic work. He founded My Purple Heart, a non-profit organization that raises awareness and funds for heart disease and was inspired by his own experiences with a near-fatal heart attack.

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Barrington "Bo" Henderson

Barrington "Bo" Henderson (June 10, 1956 United States of America-) also known as Barrington Scott "Bo" Henderson, Barrington Scott Henderson or Barrington Henderson is an American , .

professional basketball player who had a successful career in the NBA during the 1980s. He played as a shooting guard for various teams, including the San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons, and Indiana Pacers. Henderson was known for his exceptional scoring ability and speed on the court. He was named to the All-Rookie First Team in 1980, and his best statistical season came in 1984-85 when he averaged 20.5 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 3.7 assists per game. Following his playing career, Henderson worked as a coach and scout for several NBA teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers and Minnesota Timberwolves.

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Elizabeth Falconer

Elizabeth Falconer (July 20, 1956-) is an American , .

Elizabeth Falconer (July 20, 1956-) is an American artist and educator. She was born in New York City and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the State University of New York at Purchase and her Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Falconer's art focuses on themes such as memory, cultural identity and social inequality. She primarily works with mixed media and has exhibited her work in numerous galleries and museums across the United States.

In addition to being a practicing artist, Falconer is also a dedicated educator. She has taught at universities such as the University of California, Berkeley, the San Francisco Art Institute, and the California College of the Arts. Falconer is passionate about encouraging and empowering young artists to find their own voice and express themselves through their art. Her teaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of experimentation and self-exploration in the creative process.

Falconer has received numerous grants and awards for her work, including a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant, and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Her art is held in the permanent collections of institutions such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

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Mark Collie

Mark Collie (January 18, 1956 Waynesboro-) also known as Collie, Mark or George Mark Collie is an American songwriter, singer, singer-songwriter, actor and record producer.

His albums: Even the Man in the Moon Is Cryin', Mark Collie, Hardin County Line, Tennessee Plates, Unleashed and Born & Raised in Black and White. Genres he performed include Country and Americana.

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Jellybean Johnson

Jellybean Johnson (November 19, 1956 Chicago-) also known as Garry George Johnson, Garry George "Jellybean" Johnson, Jellybean, Garry Johnson, John Benitez or The Time is an American guitarist, drummer, songwriter, record producer, musician and actor.

Genres he performed include New Wave, Pop music, Rock music, Rhythm and blues, Soul music, Dance music, Funk, Funk rock, Funk metal, Grunge, Hard rock, Hip hop music and Electronic dance music.

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Charmaine Neville

Charmaine Neville (March 31, 1956-) a.k.a. Neville, Charmaine is an American singer and musician.

Genres related to her: Jazz.

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