Argentine musicians who died due to Traffic collision

Here are 1 famous musicians from Argentina died in Traffic collision:

Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno

Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno (May 24, 1973 Córdoba-June 24, 2000 Berazategui) also known as Rodrigo Bueno, Bueno, Rodrigo Alejandro, Rodrigo, El Potro or The Colt was an Argentine singer and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: Compilado, , , Rodrigo, Cuartetazo, Lo mejor del amor, Cuarteteando, La leyenda continúa, La mano de Dios and . Genres related to him: Cumbia, Cuarteto, Salsa music and Merengue music.

Rodrigo Bueno was considered the leading figure in Argentinean cuarteto music during the 1990s. He began his career as a singer at the age of 17 in his hometown of Córdoba, quickly gaining a following with his energetic performances and passionate style. In addition to his music career, Rodrigo was also an accomplished songwriter, penning many of his own hits.

Despite his success, Rodrigo was plagued by personal troubles including drug addiction, legal issues, and a tumultuous love life. He died tragically in a car accident at the age of 27, leaving behind a devoted fanbase and an enduring legacy as one of Argentina's greatest musical icons.

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