Armenian musicians died at 50

Here are 1 famous musicians from Armenia died at 50:

Hayk Bzhishkyan

Hayk Bzhishkyan (February 6, 1887 Tabriz-December 11, 1937 Moscow) was an Armenian personality.

He was a prominent political activist, writer, and public figure who played a significant role in the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) party. Bzhishkyan was one of the leaders of the Armenian national liberation movement and fought for the independence of his homeland from Ottoman Empire and later from Soviet Russia. He was one of the architects of the First Armenian Republic in 1918 and served as the Minister of Interior and Defense during its short existence. In 1920, Bzhishkyan was forced to flee Armenia after the Bolshevik takeover and spent the rest of his life in exile. He continued his political activities abroad and was a member of the ARF Bureau until his death. Despite his heroism and devotion to the Armenian cause, Bzhishkyan was unfortunately arrested during Stalin's purges and executed at the height of the Great Terror in 1937. His legacy lives on as a symbol of Armenian national liberation and resistance to tyranny.

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