Australian musicians born in 1969

Here are 10 famous musicians from Australia were born in 1969:

Troy Cassar-Daley

Troy Cassar-Daley (May 18, 1969 Sydney-) a.k.a. Troy Cassar-Daly or Cassar-Daley, Troy is an Australian singer and musician.

His albums include Beyond the Dancing, Long Way Home, True Believer, Big River, Born to Survive: The Best Of, Almost Home, Borrowed and Blue, Brighter Day, The Great Country Songbook and The Great Country Song Book. Genres: Country.

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Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers (September 20, 1969 Kalgoorlie-) also known as Rogers, Tim, Jolly Rogers, Timothy Adrian Rogers or International Timmy is an Australian musician, songwriter, actor and writer. He has one child, Ruby Rogers.

His discography includes: The Temperance Union, Dirty Ron/Ghost Songs, The Luxury of Hysteria, What Rhymes With Cars and Girls, Spit Polish, My Better Half, Out of Time and Rogers Sings Rogerstein. Genres he performed include Country and Rock music.

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Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer (January 27, 1969 Gladesville-) also known as Adam Barrington Spencer is an Australian mathematician, disc jockey, radio personality, comedian and television show host.

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Danielle Spencer

Danielle Spencer (May 16, 1969 Sydney-) also known as Dan Spencer or Dani is an Australian actor and singer-songwriter. Her children are Charles Spencer Crowe and Tennyson Spencer Crowe.

Her albums: White Monkey, Blast Off, Calling All Magicians and White Monkey [Acoustic EP].

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Bernard Fanning

Bernard Fanning (August 15, 1969 Toowong-) otherwise known as Fanning, Bernard, Bernard Joseph Fanning, Powderfinger, Bern, Bernie or BF is an Australian singer, singer-songwriter, guitarist, actor and film score composer.

His albums: Tea & Sympathy, Wish You Well, Wish You Well, Departures and iTunes Session. Genres he performed: Rock music, Indie pop, Folk music, Alternative rock and Blues.

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Paul Piticco

Paul Piticco (March 7, 1969 Brisbane-) is an Australian record producer, film producer and manager.

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Jak Housden

Jak Housden (June 12, 1969-) also known as Housden, Jak or John Paul Housden is an Australian , .

Discography: Mad About Disco.

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Noah Taylor

Noah Taylor (September 4, 1969 London-) also known as Noah George Taylor is an Australian actor and musician. He has one child, Martha Taylor.

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Pete Murray

Pete Murray (October 14, 1969 Brisbane-) also known as Murray, Pete is an Australian singer and singer-songwriter.

His albums include So Beautiful, Please, Better Days, Bail Me Out, Feeler, See the Sun, Summer at Eureka, Opportunity, The Game and Blue Sky Blue. Genres related to him: Rock music and Acoustic music.

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Ben Mendelsohn

Ben Mendelsohn (April 3, 1969 Melbourne-) a.k.a. Paul Benjamin Mendelsohn, Ben Mendelson, Ben or Paul Benjamin "Ben" Mendelsohn is an Australian actor, musician and film producer.

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