Austrian movie stars died in 1995

Here are 3 famous actors from Austria died in 1995:

Erich Kunz

Erich Kunz (May 20, 1909 Vienna-September 8, 1995 Vienna) was an Austrian actor and opera singer.

He was known for his baritone voice and his performances in the operas of Mozart, Strauss, and Wagner. Kunz began his career performing in operettas and musicals in the 1930s but later turned to opera. He performed at the Vienna State Opera for over 30 years and also appeared with other major opera companies in Europe and the United States. In addition to his opera career, Kunz acted in films and on television, both in Austria and Germany. Kunz was highly respected for his interpretations of comedic roles, and his performances in operas such as "The Marriage of Figaro" and "Die Fledermaus" are considered some of the best of the 20th century. Kunz received numerous awards throughout his career, including the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art in 1955 and the Austrian Decoration for Science and Art in 1979.

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Fritz Eckhardt

Fritz Eckhardt (November 30, 1907 Linz-December 31, 1995 Klosterneuburg) was an Austrian film director, actor, screenwriter, cabaret artist and television director.

Throughout his career, Eckhardt became well-known for his work on the cabaret circuit in Vienna in the 1930s, where he wrote and performed satirical sketches. He later transitioned to filmmaking and directed several successful Austrian films in the 1940s and '50s. In addition to his work in film and cabaret, Eckhardt was also a prolific television director and worked on many popular Austrian TV series throughout the 1960s and '70s. He was honored with numerous awards for his contributions to Austrian culture, including the title of Kammerschauspieler in 1965.

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Franz Stoss

Franz Stoss (May 29, 1909 Vienna-June 21, 1995 Steinbach am Attersee) also known as Franz Stoß or Stoß, Franz was an Austrian actor and theatre director.

He began his career in the 1930s, working as an actor in various Viennese theaters. In 1940, he was drafted into the German army and served as a soldier during World War II. After the war, he returned to the theater and became a successful director, working at the Vienna Kammerspiele and the Salzburg Festival, among others. He also appeared in several films, including "Der veruntreute Himmel" (1958) and "Sarajevo" (1960). In addition to his work on stage and screen, Stoss was also a book collector and had a significant collection of works by Franz Kafka, which he donated to the Austrian National Library.

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