Austrian movie stars died in 2005

Here are 5 famous actors from Austria died in 2005:

Wolfgang Bauer

Wolfgang Bauer (March 18, 1941 Graz-August 26, 2005 Graz) was an Austrian screenwriter, actor, film director and playwright.

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Leon Askin

Leon Askin (September 18, 1907 Vienna-June 3, 2005 Vienna) also known as Leo Aschkenasy, L. Askeen or Leon Aschkenasy was an Austrian actor.

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Joseph Furst

Joseph Furst (February 13, 1916 Vienna-November 29, 2005 Bateau Bay) a.k.a. Joseph Fürst was an Austrian actor.

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Carl Möhner

Carl Möhner (August 11, 1921 Vienna-January 14, 2005 McAllen) also known as Carl Mohner, Karl Mohner, Karl Möhner or Carl Martin Rudolf Möhner was an Austrian actor. He had two children, Gernot Möhner and Gunther Möhner.

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Michael Kehlmann

Michael Kehlmann (September 21, 1927 Vienna-December 1, 2005 Vienna) was an Austrian screenwriter, actor and television director. His child is called Daniel Kehlmann.

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