Austrian movie stars died at 47

Here are 1 famous actresses from Austria died at 47:

Nora Gregor

Nora Gregor (February 3, 1901 Gorizia-January 20, 1949 Viña del Mar) otherwise known as Princess Stahremberg, Nora Grégor or Eleonora Hermina Gregor was an Austrian actor. She had one child, Heinrich Starhemberg.

She died as a result of suicide.

Nora Gregor began her career in the late 1910s and early 1920s as a cabaret dancer and a guest performer on stage plays in Vienna. She then transitioned to feature films in the 1920s and landed her first big role as the female lead in the 1924 silent film "Die Sklavenkönigin" (The Slave Queen).

She went on to appear in over thirty films throughout her career, mostly in Austria and Germany. Her notable film roles include "Die Fledermaus" (The Bat) in 1926 and "Mädchen in Uniform" (Girls in Uniform) in 1931.

In 1938, Gregor fled Austria after the Nazi regime took power and settled in Chile with her son. In Chile, she continued to act in theater and film productions until her death in 1949.

Gregor was known for her beauty and her captivating on-screen presence. Her tragic death at the age of 47 shocked her devoted fans and colleagues in the film industry.

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