Austrian movie stars died at 76

Here are 3 famous actresses from Austria died at 76:

Albertina Rasch

Albertina Rasch (January 19, 1891 Vienna-October 2, 1967 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Madame Albertina Rasch, Albertina Rasch Dancers or Albertina Rasch Girls was an Austrian dancer, choreographer and actor.

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Josefine Dora

Josefine Dora (November 13, 1867 Vienna-May 28, 1944 K├╝hlungsborn) also known as Josephine Dora or Isidora Emilie Friese was an Austrian actor.

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Ellen Richter

Ellen Richter (July 21, 1893 Vienna-September 11, 1969 D├╝sseldorf) was an Austrian actor and film producer.

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