Bangladeshi musicians died at 24

Here are 1 famous musicians from Bangladesh died at 24:

Abul Barkat

Abul Barkat (June 16, 1927 India-February 21, 1952) was a Bangladeshi personality.

He is known for his sacrifice in the Bengali Language Movement, which demanded the recognition of Bengali as an official language of Pakistan. Barkat was a student of Dhaka Medical College and took part in a peaceful protest on February 21, 1952, which demanded that Bengali be given the same status that was given to Urdu. The protest turned violent when the police opened fire on the unarmed demonstrators. Barkat was shot in the chest and died on the spot. His sacrifice acted as a catalyst for the Bengali Language Movement, ultimately leading to the recognition of Bengali as an official language of Pakistan in 1956. Barkat is remembered as a language martyr and his sacrifice is celebrated as International Mother Language Day on February 21 every year.

After his death, Abul Barkat gained national and international recognition and became an icon of the Bengali Language Movement. He was posthumously awarded the Ekushey Padak, the second-highest civilian award in Bangladesh, in 2001. Besides, several buildings, roads, schools, and cultural organizations have been named after him to honor his memory. Barkat's sacrifice not only secured the recognition of Bengali as an official language but also paved the way for the Bengali nationalist movement, which ultimately led to the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. Even today, Abul Barkat's legacy remains a symbol of the Bengali people's struggle to protect their language and culture.

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