Belarusian musicians died at 74

Here are 1 famous musicians from Belarus died at 74:

Ivan Khrutsky

Ivan Khrutsky (January 27, 1810 Beshankovichy Raion-January 26, 1885 Russia) was a Belarusian personality.

He is widely recognized as one of the foremost painters of Belarus in the 19th century. Khrutsky initially studied law in Moscow, but later discovered his passion for art and enrolled at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. He quickly gained recognition for his works which included portraits, landscapes, and still-life paintings. Khrutsky's works were characterized by their attention to detail and use of bright colors. This style quickly became popular and gained him numerous commissions from wealthy patrons. Today, Khrutsky's works can be found in the collections of major art museums throughout the world, including the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and the National Art Museum of Belarus in Minsk.

Additionally, Khrutsky was a prominent figure in the artistic and cultural circles of 19th century Russia. He was a member of the influential St. Petersburg Society of Artists and often collaborated with other notable artists of his time, such as Karl Bryullov and Fyodor Bruni. Khrutsky was also a teacher at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and played a significant role in the development of young artists. Despite his success, Khrutsky remained modest and devoted his life to his art. He died in 1885, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most important figures in Belarusian art history.

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