Belgian music stars who deceased at age 42

Here are 1 famous musicians from Belgium died at 42:

Alfred Steux

Alfred Steux (May 24, 1892-August 9, 1934) was a Belgian personality.

He gained popularity as a designer and decorator in the Art Deco style during the 1920s and 1930s. Steux worked on various projects, including furniture, interiors, and exhibitions. He collaborated with renowned designers and architects, such as René Lalique and Le Corbusier. Steux's work was heavily influenced by the avant-garde movements of the time, and he embraced new materials and techniques to create innovative designs. He also had an interest in cinema and designed the interior of several theaters in Brussels. Despite his success, Steux struggled with depression and committed suicide at the age of 42.

In addition to his work in design and decoration, Alfred Steux was also a painter, and in 1925, he exhibited his artwork at the Salon des Indépendants in Paris. Steux was part of a group of Belgian artists known as "Les XX," which also included James Ensor and Georges Lemmen. He was fascinated by the interplay of color and light and used this to his advantage in his artwork and design work.

Steux's work was not limited to Belgium, and he received commissions from clients around the world. He designed furniture for the ocean liner SS Normandie, which was considered one of the most luxurious ships of its time. Steux was dedicated to his craft and was not afraid to take risks. He experimented with bold colors and patterns, which helped him create designs that were both functional and visually compelling.

Despite his untimely death, Alfred Steux's legacy lives on, and his contributions to the world of design continue to inspire designers today. His work can be found in museums and private collections around the world, and his influence on the Art Deco movement cannot be overstated.

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