Bosnian movie stars died in 2006

Here are 1 famous actors from Bosnia and Herzegovina died in 2006:

Izhet Hajdarhodzic

Izhet Hajdarhodzic (December 25, 1929 Trebinje-December 12, 2006 Zagreb) a.k.a. Izet Hajdarhodzic was a Bosnian actor. He had one child, Igor Hajdarhodzic.

Izet Hajdarhodzic began his acting career in the 1950s, performing in theaters in Sarajevo and other cities in Yugoslavia. He later became a well-known actor in film and television, appearing in a number of Bosnian and Croatian productions throughout his career. Some of his most notable performances were in films such as "The Birch Tree," "In the Name of the People," and "The Parade." Aside from his work as an actor, Hajdarhodzic was also involved in theater directing and teaching at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. He was a respected figure in the Bosnian and Croatian cultural communities, and his contributions to the arts were recognized with several awards throughout his lifetime.

Hajdarhodzic was born in Trebinje, which was at the time part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. He grew up in a Bosniak family and attended high school in Sarajevo before studying at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. After completing his studies, he returned to Sarajevo to pursue his acting career.

In addition to his work on stage and screen, Hajdarhodzic was also an accomplished poet and translator. He published several collections of poetry, including "Kamen i drvo" (Stone and Wood) and "Oko i uho" (Eye and Ear), and translated numerous works from Serbian and Croatian into Bosnian.

Hajdarhodzic was an outspoken critic of nationalism and ethnic intolerance in the Balkans, and his work often dealt with themes of tolerance and unity. He was forced to leave Sarajevo during the Bosnian War in the 1990s and resettled in Zagreb, where he continued to work and teach until his death in 2006. Today, he is remembered as one of Bosnia's most important cultural figures and a leading voice for interethnic understanding in the region.

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