British actors born in 1945

Here are 38 famous actors from United Kingdom were born in 1945:

Douglas Gresham

Douglas Gresham (November 10, 1945 New York City-) also known as Douglas Howard Gresham is a British actor, film producer and biographer.

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John Motson

John Motson (July 10, 1945 Salford, Greater Manchester-) also known as Motty or John Walker Motson is a British sports commentator, journalist, commentator and actor.

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Tom Browne

Tom Browne (November 11, 1945 Lymington-) is a British actor and disc jockey.

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Graeme Harper

Graeme Harper (March 11, 1945 St Albans-) is a British television director and actor.

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Clive Merrison

Clive Merrison (September 15, 1945 Tenby-) a.k.a. Clive Morrison is a British actor.

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Hugo Myatt

Hugo Myatt (September 13, 1945 Hendon-) is a British actor and theatre director.

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Martin Tyler

Martin Tyler (September 14, 1945 Chester-) is a British presenter, sports commentator, commentator, announcer and actor. He has one child, Adam Tyler.

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John Abbott

John Abbott (April 19, 1945 United Kingdom-November 27, 1996) was a British actor and author.

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Ian Fraser Kilmister

Ian Fraser Kilmister (December 24, 1945 Burslem-) also known as Lemmy Kilmister, Ian Fraser Willis, Lemmy with Wendy O Williams, Lemmy, Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister, Lemmie, Ian Kilmister, Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmister, Lemmy von Motorhead, Lemmy Kilmeister, Lemmy Kilminster or Lemmy the Lurch is a British singer, musician, songwriter, actor and bassist. His children are called Paul Inder and Sean Kilmister.

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Tony Haygarth

Tony Haygarth (February 4, 1945 Liverpool-) also known as Anthony Haygarth, Antony Haygarth or Anthony "Tony" Haygarth is a British actor and voice actor. He has two children, Becky Haygarth and Katie Haygarth.

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Michael N. Harbour

Michael N. Harbour (July 4, 1945 Edinburgh-April 9, 2009 Trebetherick) a.k.a. Michael Ninian Harbour, Michael N. Harbor or Michael N Harbour was a British actor. He had two children, Kate Harbour and Emma Harbour.

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Jon Whiteley

Jon Whiteley (February 19, 1945 Monymusk, Scotland-) is a British actor.

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Jeremy Hanley

Jeremy Hanley (November 17, 1945 Buckinghamshire-) a.k.a. Jeremy James Hanley, Sir Jeremy James Hanley or Rt Hon Jeremy Hanley MP is a British politician and actor.

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Richard Warwick

Richard Warwick (April 29, 1945 Meopham-December 16, 1997 St John's Wood) also known as Richard Carey Winter was a British actor.

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Eddie Avoth

Eddie Avoth (May 2, 1945 Cardiff-) is a British professional boxer and actor.

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Van Morrison

Van Morrison (August 31, 1945 Pottinger-) a.k.a. George Ivan Morrison, Van the Man or The Belfast Cowboy is a British singer, musician, songwriter, lyricist, guitarist, actor, composer, record producer, artist and singer-songwriter. He has three children, Shana Morrison, Aibbe Rocca Morrison and Fionn Ivan Patrick Morrison.

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Tony Allen

Tony Allen (March 4, 1945 Hayes, Hillingdon-) is a British comedian, writer and actor.

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Howard Marks

Howard Marks (August 13, 1945 Kenfig Hill-) a.k.a. Dennis Howard Marks, Marks, Howard or Mr Nice is a British author and actor. His children are called Amber Marks, Francesca Marks, Patrick Marks and Myfanwy Marks.

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Davy Jones

Davy Jones (December 30, 1945 Openshaw-February 29, 2012 Stuart) also known as David Thomas Jones, David Jones or Davey Jones was a British singer, actor, songwriter, musician, record producer and businessperson. He had four children, Talia Elizabeth Jones, Annabel Charlotte Jones, Jessica Lillian Jones and Sarah Lee Jones.

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Terence Davies

Terence Davies (November 10, 1945 Liverpool-) is a British film director, actor, screenwriter and novelist.

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Clive Russell

Clive Russell (December 7, 1945 Reeth-) is a British actor.

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Nicky Henson

Nicky Henson (May 12, 1945 London-) also known as Nicholas Victor Leslie "Nicky" Henson, Nicholas Victor Leslie Henson or Nicky is a British actor. His children are called Christian Henson, Joe Henson and Keaton Henson.

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Bill Kenwright

Bill Kenwright (September 4, 1945 Liverpool-) otherwise known as Bill Kenwright CBE or Bill Kenwright, CBE is a British theatrical producer, actor, film producer and singer. His child is called Lucy Kenwright.

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Alexander Morton

Alexander Morton (March 24, 1945 Glasgow-) also known as Alexander Sandy Morton, Sandy Morton, Alexander "Sandy" Morton or Sandy is a British actor. He has two children, Kerry Morton and Jamie Morton.

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Andrew Birkin

Andrew Birkin (December 9, 1945 Chelsea-) a.k.a. Andrew Burkin or Andrew Timothy Birkin is a British screenwriter, film director, actor and film producer. He has five children, David Birkin, Anno Birkin, Ned Birkin, Emily Jane Birkin and Thomas Birkin.

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Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend (May 19, 1945 Chiswick-) also known as Pete Townshend - The Who's Tommy, Peter Dennis Blandford "Pete" Townshend, Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend, Bijou Drains, Pete or Pete Townsend is a British singer, musician, songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player, author, composer, singer-songwriter, actor, film producer, screenwriter, lyricist, multi-instrumentalist and music arranger. He has three children, Emma Townshend, Joseph Townshend and Aminta Townshend.

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Martin Shaw

Martin Shaw (January 21, 1945 Birmingham-) is a British actor. He has three children, Sophie Shaw, Luke Shaw and Joe Shaw.

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Bob Peck

Bob Peck (August 23, 1945 Leeds-April 4, 1999 London) also known as Robert Peck or Robert "Bob" Peck was a British actor. He had three children, Hannah Peck, George Peck and Milly Peck.

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Patrick Malahide

Patrick Malahide (March 24, 1945 Reading-) also known as Patrick Gerald Duggan or P.G. Duggan is a British actor and screenwriter.

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Martyn Lewis

Martyn Lewis (April 7, 1945 Swansea-) also known as Martyn Lewis CBE is a British presenter, journalist, actor, businessperson and entrepreneur. He has two children, Kate D. Lewis and Sylvie Lewis.

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Dave Hill

Dave Hill (October 16, 1945 Skipton-) also known as David Hill or David "Dave" Hill is a British actor.

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Andrew McCulloch

Andrew McCulloch (October 27, 1945 Ayr-) otherwise known as Andy McCulloch, Andrew McCullogh, Andrew McCullough or Andrew Mcculloch is a British actor and screenwriter.

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Geoff Hoyle

Geoff Hoyle (April 15, 1945-) is a British actor. He has one child, Dan Hoyle.

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Gareth Forwood

Gareth Forwood (October 14, 1945 Marylebone-October 16, 2007 London) also known as Gareth L. J. Forwood was a British actor.

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John Kane

John Kane (October 27, 1945 Dundee-) is a British actor and writer. He has three children, Susy Kane, Simon Kane and Jacinta Kane.

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Leigh Lawson

Leigh Lawson (July 21, 1945 Atherstone-) a.k.a. Leigh J. Lawson is a British actor, theatre director and playwright. He has two children, Jason Lawson and Carly Witney.

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Nigel Terry

Nigel Terry (August 15, 1945 Bristol-) also known as Peter Nigel Terry is a British actor.

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John Halsey

John Halsey (February 23, 1945 Highgate-) a.k.a. Barry Wom, Wom, Barry, Fatso, Patto or The Admiral is a British actor, musician, drummer and publican.

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