British actors died in 1994

Here are 20 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1994:

Peter Cushing

Peter Cushing (May 26, 1913 Kenley-August 11, 1994 Canterbury) otherwise known as Peter Wilton Cushing or Peter Wilton Cushing, OBE was a British actor.

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Terry Scott

Terry Scott (May 4, 1927 Watford-July 26, 1994 Witley) also known as Owen John Scott or Owen John "Terry" Scott was a British actor and comedian. He had four children, Sarah Scott, Nicola Scott, Lindsay Scott and Sally Scott.

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Sebastian Shaw

Sebastian Shaw (May 29, 1905 Holt-December 23, 1994 Brighton) otherwise known as Sebastian Lewis Shaw was a British actor, theatre director, poet and playwright. He had two children, Drusilla Shaw and John Peel.

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Mark McManus

Mark McManus (February 21, 1935 Hamilton-June 6, 1994 Glasgow) was a British actor.

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David Langton

David Langton (April 16, 1912 Motherwell-April 25, 1994 Stratford-upon-Avon) otherwise known as Basil Muir Langton-Dodds or David Muir Langton was a British actor. He had three children, Simon Langton, Andrew Langton and Robin Langton.

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Romilly Lunge

Romilly Lunge (October 4, 1904 London-August 1, 1994 Leicestershire) was a British actor.

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Ralph Michael

Ralph Michael (September 26, 1907 Edmonton, London-November 9, 1994 Brighton) also known as Ralph Champion Shotter or Ralph C. Shotter was a British actor.

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John Osborne

John Osborne (December 12, 1929 Fulham-December 24, 1994 Clun) also known as John James Osbourne, John Osbourne or John James Osborne was a British playwright, actor, screenwriter, writer and critic. His child is called Nolan Osborne.

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Peter Bromilow

Peter Bromilow (April 21, 1933 Cheshire-October 16, 1994 Los Angeles County) was a British actor.

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Ernest Clark

Ernest Clark (February 12, 1912 Maida Vale-November 11, 1994 Somerset) also known as Ernest Clarke was a British actor. He had four children, Tim Clark, Nicholas Clark, Lucy Clark and Katharine Clark.

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Peter Graves, 8th Baron Graves

Peter Graves, 8th Baron Graves (October 21, 1911 London-June 6, 1994 France) a.k.a. Peter George Wellesley Graves, Sir Peter Graves or Lord Peter Graves was a British actor and singer.

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Michael Somes

Michael Somes (September 28, 1917 Horsley-November 18, 1994 London) also known as Michael George Somes, Michael Soames or Michael George Somes CBE was a British actor and ballet dancer.

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Lindsay Anderson

Lindsay Anderson (April 17, 1923 Bangalore-August 30, 1994 Angoulême) also known as Lindsay Gordon Anderson was a British film director, theatre director, actor, screenwriter, film critic, television director and film producer.

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Edward Cast

Edward Cast (March 2, 1925 London-December 1, 1994 Westminster) also known as Edward Raymond Cast was a British actor.

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Jack Davies

Jack Davies (November 25, 1913 Fulham-June 22, 1994 California) a.k.a. John Henry Leslie Davies or John Davies was a British screenwriter, film producer, film editor and actor. He had two children, John Howard Davies and Legh Davies.

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Alun Owen

Alun Owen (November 24, 1925 Menai Bridge-December 6, 1994 London) a.k.a. Alun Davies Owen or Alan Owens was a British sailor, screenwriter, actor and playwright.

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Bill Travers

Bill Travers (January 3, 1922 Sunderland-March 29, 1994 Dorking) a.k.a. William Lindon-Travers, Bill Linden-Travers or William Inglis Lindon Travers was a British film producer, screenwriter, film director, television producer, actor and activist. He had one child, Bill Travers Jr..

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Martin Smith

Martin Smith (June 26, 1957 Glasgow-November 5, 1994 Scotland) was a British actor, singer and composer.

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Derek Jarman

Derek Jarman (January 31, 1942 Northwood, London-February 19, 1994 London) also known as Michael Derek Elworthy Jarman or Jarman, Derek was a British writer, artist, film director, gardener, author, cinematographer, actor, screenwriter, visual artist, musician, set designer, production designer and film editor.

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Eric Bransby Williams

Eric Bransby Williams (November 27, 2014 London-November 27, 1994) was a British actor.

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