British actresses born in 1967

Here are 28 famous actresses from United Kingdom were born in 1967:

Jackie Brambles

Jackie Brambles (March 1, 1967 Essex-) is a British presenter, actor and journalist.

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Sharon Small

Sharon Small (January 1, 1967 Drumchapel-) is a British actor and voice actor. Her children are called Leo Bridges and Zac Bridges.

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Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams (April 29, 1967 New York City-) is a British presenter, model and actor.

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Davina McCall

Davina McCall (October 16, 1967 Wimbledon-) a.k.a. davina_mccall or Davina Lucy Pascale McCall is a British presenter, actor and broadcaster. She has three children, Holly Robertson, Chester Robertson and Tilly Robertson.

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Tara Fitzgerald

Tara Fitzgerald (September 18, 1967 Cuckfield-) also known as Tara Anne Cassandra Fitzgerald, Tara FitzGerald or Anne Tara G.F. Callaby is a British actor.

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Frances O'Connor

Frances O'Connor (June 12, 1967 Wantage-) also known as Frances Ann O'Connor is a British actor. Her child is called Luka Lepkowski.

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Elizabeth Carling

Elizabeth Carling (October 20, 1967 Middlesbrough-) a.k.a. Liz Carling or Elizabeth Carling MA is a British actor and singer.

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Emma Amos

Emma Amos (August 18, 1967 Newcastle-under-Lyme-) is a British actor.

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Nicola Cowper

Nicola Cowper (December 21, 1967 London-) also known as Nicola Jane Cowper is a British actor. Her children are called Dora McCann and Tilly McCann.

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Ulrika Jonsson

Ulrika Jonsson (August 16, 1967 Sollentuna-) also known as Eva Ulrika Jonsson, ulrika_jonsson or Ulrika Johnson is a British presenter and actor. She has four children, Cameron Oskar George Turnbull, Bo Eva Coeur Jonsson, Martha Sky Hope Gerrard-Wright and Malcolm Monet.

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Emily Watson

Emily Watson (January 14, 1967 Islington-) also known as Emily Anita Watson or Watson, Emily is a British actor and voice actor. She has two children, Juliet Waters and Dylan Waters.

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Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Marianne Jean-Baptiste (April 26, 1967 London-) a.k.a. Marianne Raigipcien Jean-Baptiste or Marianne Jean Baptiste is a British actor, singer-songwriter and composer. Her child is called Pascale Williams.

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Eva Pope

Eva Pope (November 16, 1967 Appley Bridge-) also known as Eva Rebecca Pope is a British actor. She has one child, Elise Lassalle.

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Amanda Mealing

Amanda Mealing (April 22, 1967 South London-) otherwise known as Amanda Jane Mealing, Mandy Mealing or Mandy Mealling is a British actor. Her children are called Milo Sainsbury and Otis Sainsbury.

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Tanya Franks

Tanya Franks (August 16, 1967 Plumstead-) also known as Tanya Christine Franks is a British actor.

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Cathy Murphy

Cathy Murphy (August 7, 1967 Essex-) also known as Catherine McKevitt Murphy is a British actor.

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Ruth Gemmell

Ruth Gemmell (January 2, 1967 Darlington-) a.k.a. Ruthie is a British actor.

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Jacqueline Macaulay

Jacqueline Macaulay (April 24, 1967 Doncaster-) also known as Jaqueline Macaulay is a British actor. She has one child, Callum Immanuel Meyer.

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Kate Barry

Kate Barry (April 8, 1967 London-December 11, 2013 Paris) was a British actor, photographer, television producer, television director and screenwriter. Her child is called Roman de Kermadec.

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Mandana Jones

Mandana Jones (February 26, 1967 London-) is a British actor. Her child is called Enzo Jones.

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Claire Sutton

Claire Sutton (March 25, 1967-) is a British presenter, actor, dancer and model.

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Lucy Briers

Lucy Briers (August 19, 1967 Hammersmith-) a.k.a. Lucy Jane Briers is a British actor.

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Emma Anderson

Emma Anderson (June 10, 1967 Wimbledon-) a.k.a. Anderson, Emma or Emma Victoria Jane Anderson is a British singer, songwriter, musician, guitarist and actor.

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Sam Taylor-Wood

Sam Taylor-Wood (March 4, 1967 Croydon-) otherwise known as Samantha Taylor, Samantha Taylor-Wood, Sam Taylor-Woods, Samantha Louise Taylor-Wood, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Samantha "Sam" Taylor-Johnson, Sam, Taylor-Wood, Sam, Samantha Taylor-Johnson OBE or Samantha Taylor-Johnson is a British photographer, film director, visual artist, actor, film producer and screenwriter. She has four children, Angelica Jopling, Jessie Phoenix Jopling, Wylda Rae Johnson and Romy Hero Johnson.

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Emma Kennedy

Emma Kennedy (May 28, 1967 Corby-) otherwise known as Elizabeth Emma Williams is a British writer, actor, presenter and voice actor.

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Sharleen Spiteri

Sharleen Spiteri (November 7, 1967 Bellshill-) a.k.a. Sharleen Eugene Spiteri or Spiteri, Sharleen is a British singer, singer-songwriter and actor.

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Shefali Oza

Shefali Oza (September 24, 1967 Mumbai-) is a British journalist, presenter and actor.

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Jenny Jay

Jenny Jay (November 18, 1967 Birmingham-) otherwise known as Jennifer Bolton, Jenny Bolton or Jenka is a British actor and singer.

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