Canadian actresses who were born in 1950

Here are 10 famous actresses from Canada were born in 1950:

Carole Pope

Carole Pope (August 6, 1950 Manchester-) also known as Pope, Carole or Carole Ann Pope is a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, actor and writer.

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Joanna Gleason

Joanna Gleason (June 2, 1950 Toronto-) also known as Joanna Hall or Joanne Hall is a Canadian singer, actor, television director, voice actor and teacher. She has one child, Aaron Gleason.

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Jennifer Leak

Jennifer Leak (September 28, 1950 Montreal-) is a Canadian actor.

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Deepa Mehta

Deepa Mehta (January 1, 1950 Amritsar-) otherwise known as Deepa Mehta Saltzman or Deepa Saltzman is a Canadian screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor and television producer. Her child is called Devyani Saltzman.

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Tantoo Cardinal

Tantoo Cardinal (July 20, 1950 Anzac, Alberta-) also known as Rose Marie Cardinal, Tantoo Martin, Rose Marie "Tantoo" Cardinal or Rose Marie "Tantoo" Cardinal, CM is a Canadian actor. She has three children, Riel Cardinal, Cheyenne Martin and Clifford Cardinal.

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Belinda Montgomery

Belinda Montgomery (July 23, 1950 Winnipeg-) also known as Belinda J. Montgomery, Belinda R. Montgomery or B. Montgomery is a Canadian actor and painter.

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Louise Portal

Louise Portal (May 12, 1950 Chicoutimi-) also known as Louise Lapointe is a Canadian actor, singer, writer and film director.

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Rosie Shuster

Rosie Shuster (June 19, 1950 Toronto-) otherwise known as Rosie Apple, Rosie 'Bud' Michaels, Rosie Michaels, Rosie Schuster or Rosalind Shuster is a Canadian writer, screenwriter and actor.

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Lise Thouin

Lise Thouin (July 10, 1950-) is a Canadian actor, singer and screenwriter.

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Janice Whitby

Janice Whitby (October 31, 1950 London-) is a Canadian actor, singer, dancer and graphic designer.

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