Canadian actresses who deceased in 1975

Here are 1 famous actresses from Canada died in 1975:

Juliette Béliveau

Juliette Béliveau (October 28, 1889 Nicolet-August 26, 1975 Montreal) was a Canadian singer and actor.

Born in Quebec, Béliveau began her music career by singing in local choirs and performing at social events. She later became a popular singer and actress in the Canadian and French-Canadian entertainment industry, performing in various touring revues and cabarets.

Béliveau gained widespread recognition for her role in the 1941 film "La famille Plouffe", which was based on a popular Québecois radio show. She went on to appear in numerous films, television programs and radio shows, becoming a beloved figure in Quebec culture.

In addition to her acting career, Béliveau was also a talented songwriter and composer, having written several hit songs throughout her career. She received numerous awards and honours throughout her life, including being made a Member of the Order of Canada in 1968.

Béliveau passed away in Montreal in 1975, but her legacy as a pioneering figure in French-Canadian entertainment continues to be celebrated to this day.

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