Chinese actors who were born in 1984

Here are 10 famous actors from China were born in 1984:


Amguulan (August 30, 1984 Plain and Bordered White Banner-) a.k.a. A Mu Long or Amulong is a Chinese singer, actor and songwriter.

He is of Mongolian descent and was born in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. Amguulan rose to fame after winning the 2005 season of the singing competition "Super Boy" (a Chinese version of "American Idol").

In addition to his successful music career, Amguulan has also acted in various TV dramas and films, showcasing his talent for performance. He has won several awards for his work in entertainment, including the Best Actor award at the 13th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival.

As a songwriter, Amguulan is known for his ability to blend traditional Mongolian music with modern pop and rock sounds, creating a unique style that appeals to both Chinese and international audiences.

Outside of his artistic pursuits, Amguulan is also involved in various charitable causes. He has worked to promote education and improve living conditions for underprivileged children and families in China.

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Han Geng

Han Geng (February 9, 1984 Mudanjiang-) also known as 한경, Han San Sui, Hankyung, Hannie, 韓庚, 韩庚, Geng Han, Hangeng, Hán Gēng, Dancing King or King of Popularity is a Chinese singer, model, actor and dancer.

Han Geng first gained fame as a member of the Korean boy band Super Junior, and was one of the group's 13 original members. He joined the band in 2005 and was the only Chinese member. In 2009, Han Geng filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, the agency that managed Super Junior, citing unfair contract terms and demanding to be released from his contract. The lawsuit was settled in 2010 and Han Geng left Super Junior to pursue a solo career in China.

Since leaving Super Junior, Han Geng has released several successful albums in China and has also appeared in a number of films and television shows. He has won numerous awards for his work, including the Best New Actor award at the Shanghai International Film Festival for his role in the film "So Young" in 2013. In addition to his work in entertainment, Han Geng is also known for his charitable contributions, particularly his efforts to aid children with autism.

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Wang Baoqiang

Wang Baoqiang (May 29, 1984 Nanhe County-) also known as Baoqiang Wang, Wang Yongqiang, Wang Bao Qiang, Wang Beo Qiang or Wáng Bǎoqiáng is a Chinese actor and singer.

Wang Baoqiang started his career in the entertainment industry in 1993 as a "young pioneer" performer. He gained recognition for his performance in the television series "Dad and Son" in 2005. His breakthrough came with the lead role in the comedy film "Lost in Thailand" in 2012 which became one of the highest-grossing Chinese films of all time.

Wang Baoqiang has won many awards including the Best Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Awards for his performance in the film "A Touch of Sin" in 2013. He has also been nominated for the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival for his role in the film "Mr. Six" in 2015.

Apart from acting, Wang Baoqiang has released several music albums and has also hosted various variety shows on Chinese TV. He is considered one of the most successful actors in China and has a huge fan following.

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Jacky Heung

Jacky Heung (July 20, 1984 Hong Kong-) also known as Heung Cho, Jackie Heung Cho, Jackie Heung or Heung Chin-ping is a Chinese actor.

He is the son of film producer and media tycoon Charles Heung, and he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Heung began his acting career in 2004, starring in the Hong Kong TV drama "Survivor's Law II". He has since appeared in many films and TV dramas, including "The Four", "Keeper of Darkness", and "A Lifetime Treasure".

In addition to acting, Heung is also a successful businessman. He is the founder and CEO of Blitzway, a Hong Kong-based visual effects and animation company that has worked on many major films, including "The Dark Knight" and "300". Heung is also a co-founder of several entertainment and technology companies, including Charles Heung's Media Asia Group and Perfect Village Entertainment.

He has received several nominations for his acting work, and in 2015, he won the Best Supporting Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Awards for his performance in "Sara". Heung is also known for his philanthropic work, having donated significant amounts to charity organizations, including Friends of the Earth and the World Wildlife Fund.

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Wen Zhang

Wen Zhang (June 26, 1984 Xi'an-) also known as Zhang Wen or Man Cheung is a Chinese actor and television director. He has one child, Junzhu Wen.

Wen Zhang was born on June 26, 1984, in Xi'an, China. After graduating from high school, he attended the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, where he studied acting. He made his acting debut with the film “Sunflower” in 2005, from which he gained popularity.

Wen Zhang has worked on several television dramas, such as “Mei Ren Xin Ji,” “Sophie's Revenge,” and “The Blue Cornflower,” among others. He has won many accolades for his acting skills, including the Best Actor Award at the Changchun Film Festival for his role in the film “Love is Not Blind.”

Besides acting, Wen Zhang has also directed television dramas, such as “The Way We Were” and “Soul Ferry,” both of which received excellent reviews. He has also appeared as a judge on several reality TV shows.

Wen Zhang is married to actress Ma Yili, and the couple has a son named Junzhu Wen. They met while working on the drama series “Struggle” in 2007 and got married in 2012. They are considered to be one of China's most influential and beloved celebrity couples.

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Han Chang

Han Chang (October 6, 1984 Qiqihar-) a.k.a. Han Zhang, Hans Zhang, Hans Zhang Han, Zhāng Hàn, Zhang Han or Chang Han is a Chinese actor, singer and presenter.

He rose to fame with his role in the hit Chinese TV drama "Meteor Shower" in 2009. Since then, he has starred in numerous popular TV shows and movies such as "Boss & Me", "The Four", and "Wolf Warriors II". Han Chang is also a talented singer and has released several albums throughout his career. In addition to his acting and singing career, he is also known for his hosting skills and has hosted multiple variety shows and award ceremonies in China. He has won several awards for his performances and has a significant fan following in China and across Asia.

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Juno Mak

Juno Mak (March 18, 1984 Hong Kong-) also known as 麥浚龍, Mak Chun Lung, 麦浚龙, Mak, Juno, Bobby Mak, Bobby Mak Wan-Yin or Juno mak jai is a Chinese singer, record producer, actor, film director and film producer.

Juno Mak began his career in the entertainment industry as a singer in 2004, with the release of his debut album. He went on to produce music for other artists and also starred in several television dramas before transitioning to film. In 2013, he made his directorial debut with the critically acclaimed horror film "Rigor Mortis," which won several awards at international film festivals.

Following the success of his directorial debut, Juno Mak continued to produce and direct films, including "Sons of the Neon Night" and "The Sleep Curse." He has also starred in several of his own films, as well as other Hong Kong productions.

Aside from his work in the film industry, Juno Mak is also known for his fashion sense and has worked as a fashion model and designer. He has collaborated with brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Vivienne Westwood.

Overall, Juno Mak is considered a multi-talented figure in the entertainment industry, known for his versatility and creativity across various mediums.

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Jia Nailiang

Jia Nailiang (April 12, 1984 Songbei District-) also known as Smile is a Chinese actor.

He began his acting career in 2007 and rose to fame after starring in the popular television drama "To Be A Better Man" in 2016. Jia has since starred in several successful television dramas such as "The Eternal Love", "The Fox's Summer", and "My Amazing Boyfriend". He has also appeared in films such as "Goodbye Mr. Loser" and "The Witness". In addition to acting, Jia is also a singer and has released several singles throughout his career. He is married to actress Li Xiaolu and they have a son together.

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Bao Beier

Bao Beier (May 3, 1984 Harbin-) also known as Bei-Er Bao, Bao Bei'er or Beier Bao is a Chinese actor.

He is best known for his roles in the films "Personal Tailor" and "Blind Massage". Bao Beier graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing and started his career in the entertainment industry in 2008. Apart from his acting career, he is also a writer, director, and producer, having directed the films "Blue Amber" and "The Donor". In addition, Bao Beier has been recognized for his philanthropic work and is a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, advocating for the fight against poverty and promoting the sustainable development of China.

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Dai Xiangyu

Dai Xiangyu (December 27, 1984 Shanghai-) a.k.a. Dai Yang Tian or Dai Yangtian is a Chinese actor and model.

Dai Xiangyu started his career as a model before transitioning to acting in 2007. He rose to fame with his role in the popular Chinese TV drama "Prince of Tennis". He has since appeared in numerous TV dramas and films, including "Love in the Buff", "Diamond Lover", and "The Legend of Dugu". In addition to his acting career, Dai Xiangyu is also known for his philanthropic work and has supported various charitable causes over the years. He has won several awards for his performances, including the Best Supporting Actor award at the China TV Drama Awards in 2013.

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