Chinese actors who deceased in 2011

Here are 2 famous actors from China died in 2011:

Ricky Hui

Ricky Hui (August 3, 1946 Panyu District-November 8, 2011 Hong Kong) also known as Xǔ Guànyīng, heoi2 gun3 jing1, Ricky Hui Koon Ying, Koon-Ying Hui or Ricky Hui Koon-Ying was a Chinese actor and singer.

He was born in Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong and moved to Hong Kong with his family when he was young. He started his career as a radio host and later worked as a disc jockey before transitioning to acting in films. Hui appeared in over 70 films throughout his career, many of which were comedies. He was known for his comedic timing and physical humor.

Hui also had a successful career as a singer, releasing several albums in the 1970s and 1980s. He was a member of the music group The Wynners, which was popular in Hong Kong during the 1970s.

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Hui was also passionate about activism and social issues. He was a vocal supporter of democratic reforms in Hong Kong and often used his platform to speak out about political issues.

Hui passed away in 2011 at the age of 65 due to liver cancer. He is remembered as one of the most talented comedic actors in the history of Hong Kong cinema.

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Alan Tang

Alan Tang (September 20, 1946 Shunde District-March 29, 2011 Mong Kok) a.k.a. Deng Guangrong, Alan Tang Kwong-Wing, Kong Wing Tang, Teng Kuang Jung, Kwong Wing Tang, Deng Guang Rong, Alan K.W. Tang, Teng Kwong Wing, Tang Kwong Wing, Alan Kuang-Yung Teng, Dang Gwong Wing, Alan Tang Kong Wing, Alan Tang Kwong Wing, Tang Kong Wing, Kuang-jung Teng, Alan Teng, The Prince, Dèng Guāngróng or The Student Prince was a Chinese actor, film producer, film director and screenwriter. He had two children, Tang Yip Yan and Tan Yip Wai.

Alan Tang began his career in the entertainment industry as a singer, releasing several albums and becoming popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 1970s. He later transitioned to acting and starred in over 80 films including "The Blood Brothers" and "The Bund". Tang was known for his suave and charismatic on-screen persona, and was often referred to as the "Prince of Hong Kong cinema".

Aside from his work in film, Tang was also a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He founded several companies including a production company, a recording label, and a chain of karaoke bars.

In 2011, Tang passed away at the age of 64 from a heart attack in his apartment in Mong Kok. He was posthumously awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards in recognition of his contributions to the film industry.

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