Chinese movie actors deceased in Heart failure

Here are 1 famous actors from China died in Heart failure:

Lo Wei

Lo Wei (December 12, 1918 Jiangsu-January 20, 1996 Hong Kong) otherwise known as William Lowe, Wei Luo, Lo Wai, Wei Lo, Luo Wei, Law Wai or Loh Wei was a Chinese film director, film producer, actor and screenwriter.

He was considered as one of the most prominent and influential filmmakers in Hong Kong cinema history, directing more than 70 films throughout his career. Lo Wei is best known for his collaboration with legendary martial arts icon Bruce Lee, whom he directed in the films "The Big Boss" (1971) and "Fist of Fury" (1972). He also directed Jackie Chan in his early films "New Fist of Fury" (1976) and "The Killer Meteors" (1976).

In addition to his work in cinema, Lo Wei was a multi-talented artist who wrote novels, composed music, and acted in various films throughout his career. He was recognized for his contributions to the film industry with numerous awards and accolades, including a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 12th Hong Kong Film Awards in 1993. Despite his success, Lo Wei's career was not without controversy, as he was often criticized for his autocratic directing style and his alleged mistreatment of his cast and crew.

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