Chinese musicians who were born in 1966

Here are 6 famous musicians from China were born in 1966:

Leon Lai

Leon Lai (December 11, 1966 Beijing-) also known as Lai Ming, Leon Lai Ming, Li Ming, Alexander Lai Chit, Leon Lai Ming, BBS, MH or Lai Chit is a Chinese singer, actor, businessperson and film director.

His albums include 北京站, 傾城之最, Dawn, The Red Shoes Evolution, LEON SOUND and .

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Song Zuying

Song Zuying (August 13, 1966 Guzhang County-) is a Chinese singer.

Her albums: Lead Plum Blossom, Chinese Lark, 20 Years of Hits, Oriental Peony, What a Beautiful Jasmine, To Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Chinese Films, Folk Song Fairy, Fly, Centuries to Remain Silent and Vienna Golden Hall Solo Concert.

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Tian Zhen

Tian Zhen (May 2, 1966 Beijing-) is a Chinese singer.

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Sandy Lam

Sandy Lam (April 26, 1966 Hong Kong-) a.k.a. 林忆莲, ªL¾Ð½¬, Lam Yik Lin, Lin Yi Lian or Lam, Sandy is a Chinese singer, actor and dancer.

Her discography includes: Love, Sandy, , 2001 蓮, Encore, , Best of Sandy Lam The Warner Years 1989 - 2002, I Swear 愛是唯一, The Story of Sandy Lam So Far, and .

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Shirley Kwan

Shirley Kwan (August 15, 1966 Hong Kong-) also known as Guan Shui, Ãö²Q©É, Shirley Suk Kwan, 关淑怡, Kwan Suk'E, Kwan, Shirley or 關淑怡 is a Chinese singer, actor and dancer.

Her most well known albums: "Ex" All Time Favourites, 寶麗金88極品音色系列, Montage II, My Way, Happy Are Those in Love, Say Goodbye, unexpected SHIRLEY KWAN, , and .

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Veronica Yip

Veronica Yip (February 12, 1966 Hong Kong-) otherwise known as Veronica Yip Yuk Hing, Yip Yuk Hing, Yuqing Ye, Yè Yùqīng, 葉玉卿 or 叶玉卿 is a Chinese actor, singer and businessperson.

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