Colombian music stars who deceased at age 78

Here are 3 famous musicians from Colombia died at 78:

Rogelio Salmona

Rogelio Salmona (April 28, 1929 Paris-October 3, 2007 Bogotá) was a Colombian architect.

Salmona was known for his use of raw brick and concrete in his architectural designs which incorporated elements of Colombian culture and nature. He designed many iconic buildings throughout Colombia, including the Virgilio Barco Library in Bogotá and the Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center in Aracataca. Salmona's work has been recognized internationally, earning him the prestigious Alvar Aalto Medal in 2003. He also taught architecture at the National University of Colombia and was a visiting professor at various universities around the world.

He died caused by cancer.

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Justo Arosemena Quesada

Justo Arosemena Quesada (August 9, 1817 Panama-February 23, 1896 Colón) was a Colombian politician.

He played an instrumental role in the development of Panama as an independent nation, serving as the president of the 1863 Panama National Assembly that declared Panama's separation from Colombia. Arosemena was also a prominent writer and scholar, known for his efforts to promote education and literacy in Panama. He authored a number of influential publications on political and social issues, including the "Constitutional Industries of Panama" and "Essay on the History of the Isthmus of Panama". In addition to his political and academic work, Arosemena was also recognized for his contributions to the arts and culture of Panama, particularly in the field of literature. His legacy continues to be celebrated in Panama today, where he is remembered as a pioneering figure in the country's struggle for independence and development.

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Rafael Pombo

Rafael Pombo (November 7, 1833 Bogotá-May 5, 1912 Bogotá) was a Colombian poet, writer and translator.

He was regarded as one of the greatest children's writers of his time in Latin America and was the author of some of the most memorable works of children's literature in the Spanish language. Some of his notable works include "El renacuajo paseador", "Mirringa Mirronga", and "La pobre viejecita".

Aside from writing, Pombo was also an influential translator, having translated works from English, French, and Italian into Spanish. In addition, he served as a diplomat for Colombia, representing his country in countries such as Chile, Italy, and the United States.

Pombo was also known for his work in education reform, advocating for the promotion of literacy and the use of storytelling as a means of teaching children. He was honored with the Order of the Legion of Honor by the French government for his contributions to education and literature.

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