Dutch actors who were born in 1958

Here are 7 famous actors from Netherlands were born in 1958:

Hein van der Heijden

Hein van der Heijden (July 11, 1958 Heerlen-) otherwise known as Heyn van der Heyden or Hendrick Hein van der Heijden is a Dutch actor.

Jaap Spijkers

Jaap Spijkers (February 11, 1958 Tilburg-) is a Dutch actor and theatre director.

Jan Hopmann

Jan Hopmann (September 23, 1958 Egmond-Binnen-) otherwise known as Jan Hopman is a Dutch actor.

Rik Hoogendoorn

Rik Hoogendoorn (March 31, 1958 Hoogvliet-) otherwise known as Hendrik Johannes Hoogendoorn is a Dutch actor.

Rik Launspach

Rik Launspach (July 19, 1958 Arnhem-) also known as Ric Launspach is a Dutch actor and writer.

Pieter Jan Hagens

Pieter Jan Hagens (August 14, 1958 Amersfoort-) also known as Pieter Jan Hendrik Hagens is a Dutch presenter, radio personality, tv journalist and actor.

Erik Koningsberger

Erik Koningsberger (October 23, 1958 Utrecht-) also known as Eric Koningsberger is a Dutch actor.

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