Dutch movie stars died in Cancer

Here are 4 famous actors from Netherlands died in Cancer:

Robert Long

Robert Long (October 22, 1943 Utrecht-December 13, 2006 Antwerp) was a Dutch singer, author, presenter and actor.

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George Davis

George Davis (November 7, 1889 Amsterdam-April 19, 1965 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. George J. Davis or Giorgio Davis was a Dutch actor.

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Luc Leestemaker

Luc Leestemaker (May 18, 1957 Hilversum-May 18, 2012 Los Angeles) also known as Lucas Leestemaker or Lucas Christiaan Leestemaker was a Dutch actor and painter.

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Louis Davids

Louis Davids (December 19, 1883 Rotterdam-July 1, 1939 Amsterdam) a.k.a. Simon David was a Dutch actor, screenwriter, film director and film score composer.

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