Dutch actresses who deceased in 1976

Here are 1 famous actresses from Netherlands died in 1976:

Beppie Nooy Sr.

Beppie Nooy Sr. (May 2, 1893 Amsterdam-August 16, 1976 Amsterdam) a.k.a. Elisabeth Nooij-Blaaser was a Dutch actor. She had one child, Beppie Nooij Jr..

Beppie Nooy Sr. was known for her extensive career in Dutch theater, with her first professional performance taking place in 1911. She was a part of the famous Dutch theater family, the Nooys, and performed alongside her siblings and later her daughter, Beppie Nooy Jr. In addition to her work in theater, she appeared in several films, including the 1935 Dutch film "Op hoop van zegen". She was known for her comedic roles and her ability to improvise on stage. Nooy Sr. was awarded the prestigious Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau for her contributions to Dutch culture in 1968.

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