Dutch musicians who were born in 1957

Here are 7 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1957:

Theo van Gogh

Theo van Gogh (July 23, 1957 The Hague-November 2, 2004 Amsterdam) otherwise known as Gogh, Theo van, Valéry Boutade, Theo or Theodoor van Gogh was a Dutch film director, author, film producer, actor, free speech activist and screenwriter. He had one child, Liewe van Gogh.

Related albums: and .

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Thom Hoffman

Thom Hoffman (March 3, 1957 Wassenaar-) also known as Thomas Antonius Cornelis Ancion or Hoffman, Thom is a Dutch photographer, actor and film director.

He is best known for his leading role as detective Jurriaan 'Jurre' de Cock in the successful Dutch television series Baantjer. Before his acting career, Hoffman studied photography and has displayed his photographic work in galleries in both the Netherlands and abroad. In addition to his work in acting and photography, he has also directed several Dutch films, including the critically acclaimed movie Tirza. Hoffman is known for his versatility as an actor, having appeared in a wide range of Dutch films and television shows. In 2013, he won the Golden Calf award for Best Actor for his performance in the film Het Diner. Hoffman is also an advocate for the environment and has been involved in several initiatives to promote sustainable living.

He was born in Wassenaar, Netherlands and his father was a lawyer. He initially pursued a career in photography and attended the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Later, he shifted his focus towards acting and attended the Theater School in Amsterdam. Hoffman made his acting debut in the Dutch film Het Meisje met het Rode Haar in 1981. He gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of detective Jurriaan 'Jurre' de Cock in the long-running crime series Baantjer.

Apart from his work in film and television, Hoffman is also an accomplished stage actor and has appeared in several theatre productions. He has been involved with the Amsterdam-based theatre group Het Werkteater and has performed in plays by renowned Dutch playwrights such as Gerard Reve and Jan Wolkers.

Hoffman has also made a name for himself as a film director. His feature film Tirza, based on the acclaimed novel by Arnon Grunberg, premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2010 and received critical acclaim.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Hoffman is passionate about the environment and has been involved in several projects promoting sustainability. He is a member of the Sustainability committee of the Dutch Actors' Guild and has been actively involved in several initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of the Dutch film industry.

Hoffman is also known for his work as a voice actor. He has lent his voice to several Dutch-language versions of popular animated films, including The Lion King, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo. In addition to his successful career in the entertainment industry, Hoffman is also a dedicated humanitarian. He has served as an ambassador for several organizations promoting human rights and development in sub-Saharan Africa, including the Dutch Refugee Foundation and the International Red Cross. In 2016, he received the Humanitarian Award from the Dutch government in recognition of his outstanding humanitarian work. Hoffman continues to work in the fields of photography, acting, directing, and activism, and is widely regarded as one of the most talented and multifaceted artists in the Netherlands.

Hoffman has also written and published several books throughout his career. In 2017, he released the photography book "Reconstruction", which features a collection of his work covering the theme of reconstruction in various contexts. He has also published two memoirs, "Dicht op de huid" and "De held en de halve zool", which detail his life and career in photography and acting. Hoffman is known for his dedication to his craft and his willingness to take on challenging roles and projects. He has been praised for his ability to bring depth and complexity to his characters, and for his distinct style and approach to photography. Throughout his career, Hoffman has maintained a commitment to his values and beliefs, using his platform as an artist to raise awareness and promote change.

As an accomplished photographer, Hoffman's work has been featured in several exhibitions and publications. His photographs often explore themes of identity, memory, and social issues, and he has been recognized for his unique and thought-provoking approach to his craft. In addition to his work as a photographer, actor, and director, Hoffman is also a dedicated philanthropist. He has been involved in several charitable organizations, including UNICEF, and has used his platform to raise awareness of important issues such as child welfare and human rights. Hoffman's extensive and varied career has made him a beloved figure in the Netherlands and beyond, and he continues to inspire others with his creativity, passion, and commitment to making a difference in the world.

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Frank Boeijen

Frank Boeijen (November 27, 1957 Nijmegen-) otherwise known as Frank Boeyen, Boeijen, Frank or Franciscus Johannes Maria Boeijen is a Dutch singer, poet, composer and musician.

Discography: Wilde bloemen, Cold in My Heart, Stormvogels Live 1990-1995, Het Mooiste & Het Beste, De ballade van de dromedaris, IJsbloemen, Live: Door de jaren heen, Heden, Schaduw van de liefde and Toen & Nu.

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Wilma Landkroon

Wilma Landkroon (April 28, 1957 Enschede-) also known as Wilma is a Dutch , .

Her most important albums: De 15 beste van Wilma, Wilma: Toen en Nu, Dureco Wolkenserie, Volume 62, Een klomp met een zeiltje, Voor een pop ben ik te groot, Niets of niemand and Zou het erg zijn lieve opa.

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Ria Brieffies

Ria Brieffies (February 23, 1957 Lutjebroek-July 20, 2009 Westerland, Netherlands) also known as Brieffies, Ria or Maria Petronella Brieffies was a Dutch singer.

Genres related to him: Jazz and Girl group.

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Jan Rot

Jan Rot (December 25, 1957 Makassar-) is a Dutch , . His children are Elvis Rot, Rover Rot, Wolf Rot and Maantje Piet Rot.

His discography includes: In stilte verliefd (Can't Help Falling in Love), Hoop & Liefde, Meisjes, Rot voor jou, Piano en gitaar, Een zee van tranen, For LP-Fans Only, Mattheuspassie BWV 244 hertaald door Jan Rot and Hallelujah.

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Edward Reekers

Edward Reekers (May 24, 1957 Hengelo-) also known as Reekers, Edward is a Dutch singer and voice actor.

His most important albums: So schmeckt der Sommer. Genres he performed include Progressive rock.

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