Dutch musicians who were born in 1960

Here are 10 famous musicians from Netherlands were born in 1960:

Jaap van Zweden

Jaap van Zweden (December 12, 1960 Amsterdam-) a.k.a. Zweden, Jaap van is a Dutch violinist, conductor and music director.

His discography includes: West Side Story / An American in Paris, , August 4, 1964, Symphonies (complete), , The Brandenburgs and Piano Concertos 22 & 25. His related genres: Classical music.

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Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Arjen Anthony Lucassen (April 3, 1960 Hilversum-) also known as Anthony or Strange Hobby is a Dutch organist, keyboard player and singer.

Related albums: Strange Hobby, Pictures of Matchstick Men, Midnight Train, Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy and Lost in the New Real. Genres he performed: Symphonic metal, Progressive rock, Progressive metal, Electronic music, Space rock, Rock opera, Heavy metal, Psychedelic rock and Folk metal.

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Gerard Joling

Gerard Joling (April 29, 1960 Alkmaar-) also known as Gerard Jan Joling, Joling, Gerard, Gerald Joling or Joling, Gerald is a Dutch singer and presenter.

His albums: Heel even anders, Maak me gek, Merry Christmas, Shangri-La, , , , , No More Bolero's and . Genres related to him: Popular music, Adult contemporary music and Soft rock.

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Ben Liebrand

Ben Liebrand (September 27, 1960 Nijmegen-) also known as Liebrand, Ben is a Dutch , .

His albums: Styles, Grandmix: The Millennium Edition, Grandmix: The Summer Edition, Grandmix: The 90's Edition, Mid Summer Megamix 2004, Move to the Bigband, Collectors Editions CD 3, Grandmix 2008, Collectors Editions CD 2 and Collectors Editions CD 1.

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René Froger

René Froger (November 5, 1960 Netherlands-) a.k.a. Rene Froger or Froger, René is a Dutch singer. He has four children, Didier Froger, Maxim Froger, Natascha Froger and Danny Froger.

His albums include All the Hits, Internal Affairs, Pure, Sweet Hello's & Sad Goodbyes, Part 2, The Passion Tracks, The Platinum Edition, You've Got a Friend, Who Dares Wins, For a Date With You and Why Are You So Beautiful.

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Ruth Jacott

Ruth Jacott (September 2, 1960 Paramaribo-) also known as Jacott, Ruth is a Dutch , .

Her albums include Altijd dichtbij, Blijf bij mij, Geheimen, Hartslag, Hou me vast, , , and .

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Maribelle (April 4, 1960 Volendam-) also known as Marie Kwakman is a Dutch singer.

Genres she performed: Pop music.

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Diederik Wissels

Diederik Wissels (December 6, 1960 Rotterdam-) also known as Wissels, Diederik is a Dutch film score composer.

His albums include Bandarkâh, This Time, Up Close, If One More Day, One Heart, Three Voices, Follow the Songlines and Winds of Change.

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Peter de Koning

Peter de Koning (October 13, 1960-) also known as Koning, de, Peter or Peter de koning is a Dutch , .

His albums: Het is altijd lente in de ogen van de tandarts-assistente and De avonturen van Peter de Koning.

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Nico Dijkshoorn

Nico Dijkshoorn (May 15, 1960 Amsterdam-) is a Dutch , .

Nico Dijkshoorn is a Dutch writer, poet, performer and television personality. He is best known for his humorous and witty writing style, often using satire and parody to comment on contemporary Dutch culture and politics. Dijkshoorn began his career as a poet and performer in the 1980s, performing his work at various venues across the Netherlands. In the 2000s, he gained national attention as a regular guest on the popular television program "De Wereld Draait Door", where he would present humorous commentary on current events. Dijkshoorn has since written several best-selling books, including collections of poetry and memoirs, and continues to perform as a spoken word artist both in the Netherlands and abroad.

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