English movie stars died in 2007

Here are 3 famous actresses from England died in 2007:

Celia Franca

Celia Franca (June 25, 1921 London-February 19, 2007 Ottawa) also known as Nita Celia Franks, Celia Franks or Celia Franca, CC OOnt was an English choreographer, actor, writer and dancer.

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Joyanne Bracewell

Joyanne Bracewell (July 5, 1934 Manchester-January 9, 2007 England) a.k.a. Judge Joyanne Bracewell, Joyanne Winifred Bracewell or Dame Joyanne Winifred Bracewell was an English barrister, judge and actor.

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Ruth Kettlewell

Ruth Kettlewell (April 13, 1913 Worcester-July 17, 2007) was an English actor.

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