English musicians who died due to Myocardial infarction

Here are 29 famous musicians from England died in Myocardial infarction:

Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams (March 11, 1952 Cambridge-May 11, 2001 Santa Barbara) also known as Douglas Noel Adams, Douglas N. Adams, DNA, David Agnew, Douglas or Douglas Addams was an English writer, novelist, author, screenwriter, humorist and playwright. He had one child, Polly Jane Rocket Adams.

His most well known albums: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: The Complete Radio Series.

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Nick Hawkins

Nick Hawkins (February 3, 1965 Luton-October 10, 2005 Las Vegas) also known as Hawkins, Nick was an English guitarist.

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Oliver Reed

Oliver Reed (February 13, 1938 Wimbledon-May 2, 1999 Valletta) also known as Robert Oliver Reed, Ollie, Mr England or Reed, Oliver was an English actor and soldier. He had two children, Mark Reed and Sarah Reed.

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Boz Burrell

Boz Burrell (August 1, 1946 Holbeach-September 21, 2006 Marbella) also known as Burrell, Boz or Raymond Burrell was an English singer, musician, singer-songwriter and bassist.

Genres he performed include Rock music, Progressive rock, Hard rock, Jazz fusion and Blues rock.

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David Hemmings

David Hemmings (November 18, 1941 Guildford-December 3, 2003 Bucharest) a.k.a. David Leslie Edward Hemmings or David Edward Leslie Hemmings was an English actor, film director, film producer, television producer, television director, singer-songwriter, singer, screenwriter, painter and guitarist. He had six children, Nolan Hemmings, Deborah Hemmings, George Hemmings, Edward Hemmings, Charlotte Hemmings and William Hemmings.

His discography includes: David Hemmings Happens.

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Bernard Bresslaw

Bernard Bresslaw (February 25, 1934 Stepney-June 11, 1993 Regent's Park) also known as Bernie was an English actor. He had three children, James Bresslaw, Mark Bresslaw and Jonathan Bresslaw.

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Adam Faith

Adam Faith (June 23, 1940 Acton, London-March 8, 2003 Stoke-on-Trent) also known as Terence Nelhams, Faith, Adam, Adam Faith and the Roulettes, The Worried Men, Terence "Terry" Nelhams-Wright, Terence Nelhams-Wright or Terry Nelhams was an English singer, musician, journalist and actor. His child is Katya Nelhams-Wright.

His albums: Best of Adam Faith, Top Rank, I Survive, A's B's and EP's, Adam's Hit Parade, The EP Collection, , Adam, Johnny Comes Marching Home / Made You and Poor Me. Genres: Pop music, Rock music and Rock and roll.

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Malcolm Roberts

Malcolm Roberts (March 31, 1944 Blackley-February 7, 2003 Chertsey) otherwise known as Roberts, Malcolm was an English singer and actor.

His albums: May I Have the Next Dream With You, Love Is All, Love Is All and The Very Best of Malcolm Roberts. Genres he performed: Traditional pop music.

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Richard Bradshaw

Richard Bradshaw (April 26, 1944 Rugby-August 15, 2007 Toronto Pearson International Airport) also known as Richard James Bradshaw or Richard James Bradshaw, O.Ont was an English conductor and theatre director.

His albums: Margison Sings Verdi and Soirée française.

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Ted Hughes

Ted Hughes (August 17, 1930 Mytholmroyd-October 28, 1998 London) otherwise known as Edward James Hughes OM, Edward James Hughes, Hughes, Ted or Edward James "Ted" Hughes was an English poet, playwright and writer. He had three children, Frieda Hughes, Nicholas Hughes and Shura Hughes.

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Stan Laurel

Stan Laurel (June 16, 1890 Ulverston-February 23, 1965 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Arthur Stanley Jefferson, Laurel, Stan, Stan Jefferson, Laurel & Hardy, Mr. Laurel, Laurel, Stanley Laurel or Arthur Stanley "Stan" Jefferson was an English comedian, film director, actor, screenwriter, entertainer, voice actor and film producer. He had two children, Stanley Robert Laurel and Lois Laurel.

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Paul Raven

Paul Raven (January 16, 1961 Wolverhampton-October 20, 2007 Geneva) also known as Raven, Paul or Paul Vincent Raven was an English bassist.

Genres: Post-punk, Alternative metal, Thrash metal and Industrial music.

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Jon Pertwee

Jon Pertwee (July 7, 1919 Chelsea-May 20, 1996 Sherman) a.k.a. John Devon Roland Pertwee, Jon Pertwer, The Tall Light Bulb, John Pertwee, John Devon Roland de Perthuis de Laillevault, John Devon Roland "Jon" Pertwee, John Devon Roland, Jon or Pertwee was an English actor and voice actor. He had two children, Sean Pertwee and Dariel Pertwee.

His most recognized albums: Worzel Gummidge Sings, Sings Songs for Vulgar Boatmen No. 1, , Songs From Hans Andersen and Others, Who Is the Doctor, Sings Songs for Vulgar Boatmen, Sings Songs for Vulgar Boatmen No. 2 and I'm the Noodle Doodle Man.

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Judge Dread

Judge Dread (May 2, 1945 Kent-March 13, 1998 Canterbury) also known as Judge Dred, DJ judge dred, Alex Hughes, Alexander Minto Hughes, Jason Sinclair, Jamie Kent or JD Alex was an English singer.

His albums include Big Six, The Legendary Judge Dread, Volume 1: King of Rudeness, The Beast of Judge Dread, The Very Worst of Judge Dread, The Legendary Judge Dread, The Big Twenty Four, The Best & Worst of Judge Dread, Ska'd Forever, Ska'd for Life and Ska Fever. Genres he performed: Reggae, Rocksteady, Ska, Comedy and Comedy music.

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Mike Hazelwood

Mike Hazelwood (December 24, 1941 Cuckfield-May 6, 2001 Florence) also known as Hazelwood, Mike was an English singer.

Genres he performed: Pop music.

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Richard Hickox

Richard Hickox (March 5, 1948 Stokenchurch-November 23, 2008 Swansea) also known as Hickox, Richard was an English conductor and music director. His children are Tom Hickox, Abigail Hickox and Adam Hickox.

His albums: Rusalka, Piano Concerto no. 1 / Piano Concerto no. 2 / Penguinski, Symphony no. 4 / Mass in G minor / Six Choral Songs, A London Symphony, Within a Dream: A Celebration of the Artistry of Richard Hickox, Carmina Burana, The Planets, The Consul, Lyra Angelica / Autumn Legend / Pastoral Fantasia / Tragic Interlude and Elijah.

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Nikki Sudden

Nikki Sudden (July 19, 1956 London-March 26, 2006 New York City) also known as Adrian Nicholas Godfrey or Sudden, Nikki was an English singer, musician, singer-songwriter and actor.

Discography: The Truth Doesn't Matter, The Bible Belt, Treasure Island, Red Brocade, Back to the Coast, Waiting on Egypt, I Knew Buffalo Bill, The Last Bandit, Channel Steamer and Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc. Genres: Alternative rock and Indie rock.

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Rod Price

Rod Price (November 22, 1947 Willesden-March 22, 2005 Wilton) otherwise known as Price, Rod was an English musician.

His discography includes: Open. His related genres: Blues rock.

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Les Gray

Les Gray (April 9, 1946 Carshalton-February 21, 2004 Lagos) also known as Gray, Les or Thomas Leslie Gray was an English singer.

His albums include A Groovy Kind of Love. Genres he performed: Glam rock.

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Paul Young

Paul Young (June 17, 1947 Benchill-July 15, 2000 Altrincham) also known as Young, Paul was an English singer and musician.

His albums: Chronicles. His related genres: Soft rock and Pop rock.

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Eddie Calvert

Eddie Calvert (March 15, 1922 City of Preston, Lancashire-August 7, 1978 Johannesburg) otherwise known as Calvert, Eddie was an English trumpeter.

Discography: Oh Mein Papa, The Best of the EMI Years, The Vert Best Of and Julia.

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Noël Coward

Noël Coward (December 16, 1899 Teddington-March 26, 1973 Port Maria) also known as Sir Noel Coward, Noel Peirce Coward, The Master, Noel Coward, Noël Peirce Coward or Sir Noël Peirce Coward was an English writer, singer, screenwriter, playwright, composer, television director, theatre director, actor, film score composer and film producer.

His albums include A Room With a View, Legends of the 20th Century, On the Air: Broadcasts 1944-48, The Masters' Voice (disc 4), Noel Coward Sings Sail Away and Other Coward Rarities, Noel Coward Sings the Girl Who Came to Supper, The Noel Coward Album, At Las Vegas, Noel and Gertie (original London cast) and Noël Coward in New York.

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John Du Cann

John Du Cann (June 5, 1946 Leicester-September 22, 2011) also known as Cann, John was an English , .

His related genres: Psychedelic rock, Hard rock, Heavy metal and Progressive rock.

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Harry Corbett

Harry Corbett (January 28, 1918 Bradford-August 17, 1989 Weymouth, Dorset) otherwise known as Corbett, Harry was an English presenter. He had one child, Matthew Corbett.

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Don Partridge

Don Partridge (October 27, 1941 Bournemouth-September 21, 2010 Seaford) a.k.a. Partridge, Don was an English singer, singer-songwriter, busker and multi-instrumentalist.

His albums: Blue Eyes, The Highwayman, Don Partridge and . Genres he performed include Pop music and Folk music.

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William Schwenck Gilbert

William Schwenck Gilbert (November 18, 1836 Southampton Street, London-May 29, 1911 Harrow, London) also known as W. S. Gilbert, Sir William Schwenk Gilbert, William Schwenk Gilbert, William S. Gilbert or Gilbert, William, Sir was an English playwright, poet, illustrator and librettist.

His discography includes: The Mikado (Glyndebourne Festival Chorus, Pro Arte Orchestra feat. conductor: Sir Malcolm Sargent), The Gondoliers (1991 D’Oyly Carte cast), The Pirates of Penzance (1967 D’Oyly Carte cast), The Pirates of Penzance (Orchestra & Chorus of the Welsh National Opera feat. conductor: Sir Charles Mackerras), The Mikado, Iolanthe (1991 D’Oyly Carte cast), H.M.S. Pinafore (1959 D’Oyly Carte cast), The Best of Gilbert and Sullivan (D’Oyly Carte Opera Company), The Mikado (1926 D’Oyly Carte cast) / The Sorcerer (1933 D’Oyly Carte cast) and The Pirates of Penzance (Pro Arte Orchestra, Glyndebourne Festival Chorus feat. conductor: Sir Malcolm Sargent).

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Billy Fury

Billy Fury (April 17, 1940 Dingle, Liverpool-January 28, 1983 Paddington) a.k.a. Ronald Wycherley, Ronald William Wycherley, Fury, Billy, Bill Fury or Fury, Bill was an English singer, musician, songwriter and actor.

His albums: Halfway to Paradise, World of Billy Fury, All the Best, The 40th Anniversary Anthology, The Billy Fury Hit Parade, Letter Full of Tears, My Christmas Prayer / Last Kiss, The Sound of Fury + 10, We Want Billy! and His Wondrous Story: The Complete Collection. Genres he performed include Rockabilly, Pop music, Rock music and Rock and roll.

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Kenneth Horne

Kenneth Horne (February 27, 1907 St Pancras, London-February 14, 1969 The Dorchester) also known as Charles Kenneth Horne or Horne, Kenneth was an English , .

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Bob Brunning

Bob Brunning (June 29, 1943 Bournemouth-October 18, 2011) otherwise known as Brunning, Bob, Bob, Robert "Bob" Brunning or Robert Brunning was an English musician and teacher.

Genres he performed: Blues rock and Blues.

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