Estonian movie stars died in 1984

Here are 2 famous actors from Estonia died in 1984:

Jüri Müür

Jüri Müür (January 7, 1929 Tartu-November 17, 1984 Tallinn) also known as M.T. Jürbert was an Estonian film director, screenwriter and actor.

Müür graduated from the Tallinn Conservatory in 1951 and began his career as an actor in the Tallinn Drama Theatre. He later became interested in filmmaking and started working at Tallinnfilm studio. He directed his first film, "The Lighter" in 1962, which was highly regarded and won several awards. He went on to direct many notable films such as "The Dead Mountaineer's Hotel" (1979) and "The Last Relic" (1982). Many of his films were adaptations of popular books and stories. In addition to his directing work, Müür also wrote screenplays for several films, including "The Spring" (1969). His contributions to Estonian cinema have been highly influential and he is remembered as one of the most important film directors of the Soviet era.

Ervin Abel

Ervin Abel (November 8, 1929 Narva-March 16, 1984 Tallinn) was an Estonian actor.

He started his acting career in the 1950s and quickly became one of Estonia's best-known actors. Abel was particularly known for his work in theater, having performed in several prominent stage productions in Estonia. In addition to his theater work, he also appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout his career. Some of his most notable film credits include "Kevade" (Spring) and "Noored Kotkad" (Young Eagles), both of which are considered classics of Estonian cinema. Abel was also a well-regarded acting teacher, having taught at the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Tallinn State Conservatory. His contributions to Estonian culture were recognized posthumously, and he was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Estonian SSR.

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